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Anna Kuzmina

Top 5 brain foods from Money2020 China

Money2020 is one of the most prominent fintech conferences in the world. Known for its wild parties in Las Vegas, it added events in Europe (Amsterdam and Copenhagen) in 2016, and this year opened

22 Nov 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Abhijit Deb

Innovation and Commoditisation: Extracting Value from the New Era of Payments

Consumers now expect easy and immediate payment services, no matter where they are or what they are buying, whatever the payment method. It may be symptomatic of the ‘age of instant gratification,’ bu...

21 Nov 2018
Data Management 101
Uri Rivner

Fortnite Scams: what you need to teach your kids

Everyone with kids aged nine and above must be painfully aware of the highly addictive online game that became their single most popular post-school activity. And not just kids are playing it: teena

21 Nov 2018
Information Security
Bob Lyddon

Request to Pay: challenges for the Treasurers of Creditors, but bonanza for the Treasurers of Debtor

“Request to Pay” or “RtP” is a new service planned for the UK by (formerly known as New Payment Systems Operator), and is likely to be adopted in some form within the Single Euro Payments Area ...

21 Nov 2018
Transaction Banking
Jesse Champagne

How Prepaid Programs Can Help University Students

Every year, nearly 40 percent of all college students around the world receive a form of payment from their school to help with their studies, living arrangements, and more. Unfortunately, the majorit...

20 Nov 2018
Retired Member

Even bankers think FX margins on payments are excessive: fintech and regulation to the rescue?

For those recently travelling to Australia for Swift’s annual Sibos conference, currency exchange rates were an inevitable topic of conversation. The rates varied enormously, leading one of the major ...

20 Nov 2018
Rik Coeckelbergs

The war on cash: National Banks Strike Back

Last week I blogged about contactless cards. The title started with “The war on cash”. This confused quite some readers, according to the comments when discussing my blog of last week. Interesting stu...

16 Nov 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Anna Kuzmina

WeChat Pay in Russia

Previously, I wrote a couple of articles on Alipay and WeChat Pay, their history and strategy, their progress on the Russian ground. Not only them, Alibaba and Tencent, overall. Since then, things

16 Nov 2018
Lu Zurawski

Open Banking and the magic illusion of 24x7 availability

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The wisdom in this old adage appears to ring true when applied to the early phases of the evolution of Open Banking (or open payments). Especial

13 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Anthony Pickup

Bio-metrics lowering friction in payments

Reading an article of linking facial recognition systems to in-store payments made me think about where next for biometrics in payments in the real world[1]. Payments at the highest level is one entit...

13 Nov 2018
Howard Berg

Biometric Payment Cards: The Next Payment Revolution

Over the last 20 years, biometric technology has permeated our everyday lives whether we’ve realised it or not. We’ve been scanning our prints and faces at border control and using Apple’s Touch ID an...

12 Nov 2018
Anna Kuzmina

11.11, or Double Eleven, or Global Shopping Festival: view from the payments side

It seems there are not so many online shoppers nowadays that are completely unaware of the havoc that November 11 wreaks. And yet I personally know the guy who invented Global Shopping Festival just a...

12 Nov 2018
Financial Risk Management