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Paul Irvine

The evolution of network security strategies being adopted by the financial services sector.

The rise in popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a consumer desire to access valuable data on various devices has led to network security becoming increasingly complicated for financial serv...

15 Aug 2017
Information Security
Retired Member

Compliance: Overcome the data deficit

The technology requirements to analyse large data sets have never been more in demand in Financial Services. In 2017 financial institutions are creating vast swathes of data far beyond what we saw jus...

11 Aug 2017
Data Protection Act Issues
Sadra Boutorabi

Why W3C Web Payment Standardisation Won’t Be The 3D Secure Killer

The online payments landscape is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Global retail eCommerce transaction volumes for products and services reached US$1.9 trillion in 2016 and are estim...

08 Aug 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

What Was Scary About Blackhat 2017?

As you might know, at the end of July, all types of hackers came to Las Vegas to attend Blackhat 2017. During the conference, some pretty scary hacks were exposed, and we can all take this as a lesson...

02 Aug 2017
Robert Siciliano

Black Hat 2017 was an Amazing Event

In July, more than 15,000 security pros, hackers, hobbyists, and researchers met in Las Vegas for the Black Hat Conference 2017 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This was the 20th year that the security c...

29 Jul 2017
Robert Siciliano

Blackhat Hackers Love Office Printers

The term, or in this case the word “blackhat” in tech generally refers to a criminal hacker. The opposite of black is white and a “whitehat” is a security professional. These terms originate from the ...

28 Jul 2017
Retired Member


Among the obvious advantages of chip and PIN and contactless payments via EMV*, major weaknesses have led to the banking industry suffering serious fraud. One of these weaknesses is the insecurity of ...

19 Jul 2017
Retired Member

What is the future of Know Your Customer?

When GDPR comes into effect in May 2018, financial institutions are going to feel the impact of this legislation throughout their entire business model, including how they execute and manage Know Your...

13 Jul 2017
Ben Knieff

Phone Scams For Everyone

In the past day or two I’ve received a few alarming voicemails claiming potential legal actions and even threatening that the police will come to arrest me. Some claimed to be from the IRS, others wer...

11 Jul 2017
Information Security
Chris Brown

A new payments network... for a brave new world

As mentioned in my previous blog there is much that's wrong with the existing payment networks, but it is always easy to criticise what others have done and rather more difficult to provide a solutio...

30 Jun 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Chris Brown

The current payment networks are no longer fit for purpose.

“The current payment networks available to the financial institutions around the world are no longer fit for purpose.” I think that this is a statement that has been generally agreed by all those invo...

23 Jun 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Mike Lynch

Mobile Malware Targeting Banks

Mobile malware threats are very real, and growing in sophistication. On mobile, many new types of malicious software have spread via phishing, smishing (SMS based phishing), and even malicious apps di...

20 Jun 2017
Online Banking