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Ganesh Srinivasan

Achieving Compliance Overcoming the Data Integration Challenges

The results of the Accenture 2016 Compliance Risk Study ( raise some important points to consider ...

21 Mar 2016
Retired Member

A possible UK exit from the EU means less regulatory burden; or does it?

As we progress through 2016, the regulatory landscape is being shaped by many new or emerging initiatives. It is sometimes easy to forget that the initial start to all this was political, generally in...

18 Mar 2016
Retired Member

Banks: whatever you’re doing isn’t clever and isn’t working. Now’s the time to own the balance sheet

There are many considerable challenges currently facing investment banks. Not least the tsunami of regulation (Basel 3, Dodd Frank, EMIR, MIFID I & II, FRTB, IFRS9, BCBS239, BCBS248, CRDIV, AIFMD,...

14 Mar 2016
Graham Seel

What Do Customers Expect From Banks?

Customers are changing their expectations of everyone. Especially banks. The Connected Customer wants banking services that integrate with their connected life. If banks struggle to understand, but if...

08 Mar 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Cash and liquidity: March Hares and Headlights

The other week we saw the Bank of Japan move to a tiering of negative interest rates against Japanese Yen (JNY) central bank deposits. In Japan the fear of negative returns in Japanese Government Bond...

04 Mar 2016
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Is India Headed For A Subprime Mortgage Crisis?

I drafted this blog post four years ago after reading this article in Economic Times. Not wanting to sound alarmist, I decided to can it. I revisited the post many times since then and I stuck to my...

29 Feb 2016
Retired Member

Why Your Corporate Banking Clients Just Aren’t Feelin’ the Love

Here’s a scary statistic: 90% of big corporate banking clients would consider switching to a different financial institution for better service around onboarding, account maintenance, service requests...

22 Feb 2016
Retired Member

Japan... the land of the dwindling interest rate

The perceived wisdom of the economic press is that the bank of Japan’s move to apply negative interest rates against central bank reserves is designed to encourage banks to lend to businesses, rather...

01 Feb 2016
Retired Member

API strategy to counter digital disruption

Today’s financial customers today are a discerning lot, more so with the pervasiveness and evolution of mobile phones and technology. Shrinking boundaries of doing business and the need to work and tr...

05 Jan 2016