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Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Evolution of Banking From Ledger to Solution to Digital and Beyond

As banks have moved from ledger-based accounting to core banking solutions, and from there to channel solutions and digital solutions, their business has undergone much modernization and innovation. B...

08 Nov 2016
Retired Member

It just got competitive: The retail banking shake-up

Back in July when I wrote a piece on how retail banking customers continue to be underwhelmed, the Competition and Markets Authority were on the verge of suggesting new proposals that would shake-up t...

07 Nov 2016
Raj Singh

Untapped Banking Opportunities In Africa

There are huge, untapped banking opportunities in Africa and banks in the region need to step up to succeed. Retail banking in Africa is far from straightforward. As the world’s second largest and sec...

07 Nov 2016
Retired Member

The Branch of The Now.

Enough with the talk of the branch of the future. The branch of the future is something I’ve been hearing about since I entered the banking industry in 1986. Guess what? Nothing has really changed tha...

03 Nov 2016
Nanda Kumar

Financial services regulation as a creator of opportunities

The United States presidential race is in its home stretch. Trump is confident of victory but his policies for the financial services industry are questionable. In his manifesto he states he wants to ...

31 Oct 2016
Louis Peake

Three years on, should banks feel threatened by the UK bank switching initiative?

It has been three years since the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) was launched in September 2013 to give consumers a simple, reliable way of switching current accounts – as opposed to the labori...

26 Oct 2016
Retired Member

Culture of Compliance - Do You Walk the Walk?

A Culture of Compliance…sure we have that. That’s what everyone says. But do you really? It’s not just about talking the talk, but walking the walk too. Maybe you have strong policies and procedure...

25 Oct 2016
David Andrzejek

Brexit means Brexit, but London could keep its fintech crown

For years, London has been the fintech capital of the world. Is that likely to change now that Britain is gearing up to leave the EU before April 2019? While U.S. regulators have struggled to crea

25 Oct 2016
Richard Carter

Why are we more interested in how many steps we take rather than our credit score?

We live in a world where an ever growing amount of us have Fitbits, Jawbones and other tracking devices that are increasingly measuring and comparing our physical performance. We know how many steps

24 Oct 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Retail Banking Simmers with Technological Promise

Since the financial crisis, the major UK retail banks have primarily been keeping their head down, averting or avoiding scandals and dealing with changing government regulations or mandates. What they...

24 Oct 2016
Michael Davison

Hybrid Cloud and Data Analytics: Maturing the Model

Financial services organisations still often face both ways at once on cloud and analytics. They want analytics everywhere but, when it falls short of its promise, retreat. They don’t particularly w...

20 Oct 2016
Richard Broadbent

Ensuring the security of self-service

Last year more than 18,700 attacks were reported on Europe’s ATMs - that’s nearly 1 in 20 ATMs impacted by security breaches and that doesn’t include those that go unreported. As the demand for cash r...

20 Oct 2016