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Ketharaman Swaminathan

How Banks Can Increase In-Branch Sales

In his blog post titled The Power of Location-Based Offers in Financial Services, Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, highlights how banks can leverage the proliferation of smartphones t...

21 Feb 2016
Retired Member

Fintech Alliance Helps Drive Prepaid into the Mainstream

The rapid growth of the prepaid card market provides instructive lessons on the changing dynamic of consumer behaviour patterns, and illustrates how banks can best innovate and adapt to this fluid lan...

04 Feb 2016
Alexander Mifsud

The battle of three for banking supremacy

Everyone knows that just a few years ago banks owned the financial sector. The only way to pay, transfer and save money was via a traditional bank. The reign of the banks was maintained principally d...

02 Feb 2016
Bo Harald

Deutsche Bank CEO promises 10 more years for cash

The Deutsche Bank CEO stated that cash will disappear during the next 10 years. Why does it have to have to take so long? Take the opportunity to repost this from 2008: "EU published some figure...

24 Jan 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Bo Harald

Privacy in Memorial

We all remember how delighted we were when the newborn Google was praised as a "database of intentions" which it of course was and is - on a scale that we could not imagine then. With Facebo...

23 Jan 2016
Electronic invoicing
Paul Underwood

Cashless society - What's in it for the UK?

What’s in it for the UK? The UK passed a major milestone on its journey to becoming a cashless society last year when it was reported that electronic payments overtook their paper counterparts for the...

20 Jan 2016