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Gary Wright

Short Selling

The fact that the USA, UK and Japan have put short selling bans into play should not be seen as a long term solution to control the markets. The UK has set the ban until the 29th January and restricte...

22 Sep 2008
Retired Member

Diversity beats centralization

FXMarketSpace was born out of the general belief, current a few years ago, that markets such as FX would "evolve" towards the exchange-based model of equities, and that this somehow represen...

16 Sep 2008
Retired Member

Agile driving faster trading

Bar the LSE’s recent mishap, trading systems are getting astoundingly fast. Over the last few years the race to develop the fastest systems, with the most streamlined and slick infrastructure has inte...

10 Sep 2008
Elizabeth Lumley

TradeElect goes POP

I am surprised there has not been more comment on this, within the forum. The last LSE outage also happened on a busy trading day--the end of the UK tax year. Although it was pre-TradeElect. While the...

09 Sep 2008
Paul Penrose

Bad timing at the LSE

Chi-X chief Peter Randall must be having a field day. Just three weeks ago he warned that the LSE's decision to lower its pricing in advance of plans to upgrade capacity on its shiny new TradElect pla...

08 Sep 2008
Peter J Cooper

True Medal Tally - Australia leads Great Britain on Day 10

Our original True Medal Tally version one posted late last week generated some amusing remarks about the race for the wooden spoon once you allow for per capita productivity. But the Aussies have tak...

18 Aug 2008
Innovation in Financial Services
Paul Penrose

The top ten questions for dark pool providers

Courtesy of Greenwich Associates, ten questions every institution should ask its dark pool providers: Are you a true dark pool, (i.e., completely anonymous, without any information leakage) or will ...

14 Aug 2008
Elton Cane

How much does it cost to build a pan-European dark pool?

Well, if you're Nyfix, the answer is $8.7 million and counting (with a further $2m-$2.5m next quarter). It's hard to tell with just a few minutes of web research whether this represents good value or ...

12 Aug 2008
Elton Cane

Culture of responsibility

Japanese business culture is big on individuals stepping up to take responsibility for mistakes that have resulted in their organisation losing face. TSE executives taking a salary cut over the latest...

05 Aug 2008
Asia Financial Services
Retired Member

Monte Titoli hits back in clearing spat

Italian securities depository Monte Titoli has hit back at implications that it is being difficult and hindering new upstarts that are trying to enter the Italian market. Turquoise CEO Edi Lederman sa...

30 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Nyse's rebuttal to Nasdaq OMX

As expected, the New York Stock Exchange has hit back at recent market share stats distributed by Nasdaq OMX, accusing its competitor of "blurring the lines between fantasy and reality". Her...

22 Jul 2008
Retired Member

Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Inspiration… The title of Sir Ranulph Fienes’ Autobiography (also a reference to Lord Byron for the literary amongst you...

20 Jul 2008