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Sheza Gary

Brexit Vote Fallout: Here’s What It Could Mean for the Pound

After shocking the global community in 2016 with a referendum to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom is nearing its departure date from the EU. Now, more than two years after the initial vote...

07 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Keith Stonell

ICYMI - Cyber Insurance Stress Tests Look to Future

Tesco Bank’s £16m fine for its cyberbreach shows how the regulators are now truly baring their teeth on punishing cybersecurity failures. Financial and reputation damage from cyber attacks, therefore,...

06 Dec 2018
Robert Siciliano

Protect Yourself From Gift Card Scams

So maybe Christmas now means the very predictable gift card swap, but hey, who can’t use a gift card? But beware, there are a ton of scams. This includes physical, not just digital, gift cards. Regar...

06 Dec 2018
Robert Siciliano

Beware of Rogue Cell Phone Charging Stations

Humans have evolved a new body part: the cell phone. One day it will be part of anatomical illustrations of the body in health and medical books probably an appendage on your head. I’m not a Dr. so do...

06 Dec 2018
Samee Zafar


Ban them? Block them? Back them? Governments and central bankers have long been exercised by the disruptive nonsense of cryptocurrencies. Some countries are actively experimenting with cryptocurrenci...

06 Dec 2018
Allen Elson

Modernizing The Gift Card: Take Your Incentives To The Next Level

Gift cards continue to play an extremely important role in incentive marketing. Last year alone, the North American corporate market spent over $80 billion on incentives – including merchandise, exper...

05 Dec 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Rune Sørensen

Payment Cards on the Table: is your Infrastructure up to the Challenge?

The introduction of new payment types has created a greater need for a strong, flexible card infrastructure than ever before. That’s easy for issuers to lose sight of; mobile services are new, excitin...

05 Dec 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Sam Goffman

The worst month for Bitcoin in seven years and ICO problems

On Saturday, December 1, the cost of Bitcoin rose to the level of $4,300. Then it dropped again: today, December 5, the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 3,850. Last weekend, several events occurred at o...

05 Dec 2018
Financial Services Regulation
Alexander Dunaev

Governments key to solving financial inclusion

Around 1.7bn people are unbanked according to the World Bank, down from 2.5bn only seven years ago. Considerable progress has been made in just a few years with innovations in fintech taking much of t...

05 Dec 2018
Vibhav Agarwal

Top 4 ways to secure your data in the cloud

In today’s information age, a daunting challenge for financial organisations of all sizes is determining the right approach to the storage of large volumes of data in a safe, cost-effective, compliant...

05 Dec 2018
Information Security
Hakan Eroglu

Berlin Group and the path to PSD3

In the European Union, PSD2 has created an important initial framework for open banking. API standardization is essential for building a fully-functioning open banking ecosystem – and the Berlin Group...

05 Dec 2018
Open Banking
Ambrish Parmar

Addressing customer vulnerability: When Banking goes digital

Time to read: 5 minutes to gain a different perspective 'The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.' – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Reflections… I found ...

05 Dec 2018
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation