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Joris Lochy

The war for direct customer contact - Banks should fight along!

In March of this year, the World Wide Web celebrated its 30th anniversary. In these 30 years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of websites. Today there are over 1.5 billion website...

19 Nov 2019
Customer Service 2015-2019-2025
Lawrie Chandler

Industrial revolution was start of financial exclusion for retail bond investor

Modern finance engineer’s solution are more complex and therefore harder to understand. Let’s look at the humble bond, where did it come from and how does it fit in today’s complex investment world? T...

13 Nov 2019
Bond Fintech
Bo Harald

Banks have it all

Blog nbr 400. The benefits of moving faster to a Data-driven Economy are clear. The mission in short: better service, mega-shift in productivity, sustainability through less waste and CO2, fact-based...

06 Nov 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Doug Gross

What can the financial services sector learn from the retail subscription service boom?

What can banks learn from the world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like razors or make-up? On the face of it, not much. But dig a little deeper and you quickly realise that the financial service...

06 Nov 2019
Millennial Banking
Retired Member

Intelligent cash management: the new now

The Daily Telegraph recently reported that many of the new graduates hired at the Bank of England have accounts with the challenger banks and observed that some incumbent, traditional banks are now ...

04 Nov 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Andrew Stevens

Communicating change: cost or opportunity?

Not a lot of things seem certain in the UK economy at the moment, but most people seem to agree on the fact that the Bank of England may well raise interest rates in the not-too-distant future. As an...

30 Oct 2019
Customer Service 2015-2019-2025
Doug Gross

Forget the funnel: Financial marketing must become a virtuous circle

Digital-first challengers have disrupted the old, cosy club of High Street banks, harnessing the power of customer data to deliver tailored financial products, services and customer interaction. What’...

28 Oct 2019
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Transforming organization and culture to scale digital

For implementing digital in any Bank/Financial Industry/organization, there has to be shift in the organization culture. Leaders in every department have to move out of the comfortable glass door and ...

27 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Jayanth Jagadeesh

3 Advantages of Online Banking over Mobile banking

These days, Mobile apps seem to be the go-to Banking channel. Payments, Onboarding, and even Advertising takes a mobile-first appraoch. In my previous blog, I explored Why Online Banking is Still Rele...

24 Oct 2019
Online Banking
Deborah O'Neill

Why robots and AI will never rule banking

Around the UK, alarm is growing from a belief that robots are taking away jobs. This fear is misplaced. From the steam-powered cotton mills of the industrial revolution to the rise of ATMs in the 1970...

18 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Retired Member

Embracing monolith modernisation

Technology in banking has moved out of the back office and is now central to all that a bank does. In the digital age, technology enables a good customer experience that is fundamental to banking succ...

18 Oct 2019
Sarah Jackson

Lenders: What’s the deal with data?

Consumer attitudes to data sharing are changing In this age of diminishing brand loyalty, the survival of consumer credit providers hinges on two things: their ability to differentiate and to exceed t...

09 Oct 2019