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Uri Rivner

The Perfect Crime

The 1920s were big on criminal mystery novels; this was the decade of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. Who, like many other famous detectives of his time, had to unlock devious puzzles involving th

28 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Robert Siciliano

Genealogy Websites Scare Me, But This is Good

Investigators in Sacramento have arrested Joseph James DeAngelo for rape, but they only found him based on records from a genealogical website. The effort wasn’t easy, but this guy is now off the str...

23 Nov 2018
Shailendra Malik

Secure Messaging for Financial Institutions

Social messaging apps are very common these days and we can't imagine any communications without Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Wechat, Telegram, Facetime, or similar. Gone are the days when SMS was th...

22 Nov 2018
Matthew Phillips

Gambling on a new trend: what financial institutions are doing to impress their customers

The question of whether financial institutions (FIs) should be required by law to do more to protect their customers’ interests has been debated for several years, with many suggesting that regulation...

08 Nov 2018
Jared Ronski

High Risk Holidays: Avoiding Termination During Peak Season

As the holidays swing into full-gear in 2018, high risk ecommerce merchants are well-advised to prepare their business for an onslaught of sales—and fraud. With an expected 15% year-over-year increas...

05 Nov 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Jason Bell

Robust cyber security lies in the cloud

Is the entire financial services sector under attack? Given the proliferation of news stories around cyber attacks on financial institutions, it's sometimes easy to believe so. For the criminal frater...

01 Nov 2018
Online Banking
Jim Steven

Seven steps to minimise risk in the automotive industry

With the introduction of the GDPR regulation this year, automotive dealerships are amongst the many UK businesses that have been taking a long hard look at how they collect, store, and manage data. D...

31 Oct 2018
Raz Rafaeli

Why Mobile-Based Password-Free Authentication is the Future for Finance

If today’s fintech sphere relies on one thing, it would be smooth and unfettered digital access. The fast pace of financial transactions and commercial activity means financial institutions need to gi...

24 Oct 2018
Fintech innovation and startups
Robert Siciliano

Should You Use Facebook to Login to Websites?

Have you ever used Facebook to sign onto another site? Many of us do this pretty blindly simply because it is very convenient. But, this convenience could come at a cost. You know the drill. You go t...

23 Oct 2018
Olivier Thirion De Briel

How AI and Machine Learning are Changing MFA?

The multi-factor authentication market is experiencing new dynamics. For the last 15 years, strong authentication was not a top of mind concern for organizations and was mainly based on hardware token...

22 Oct 2018
Disruption in Retail Banking
Robert Siciliano

Does Your Mobile Have Spyware on It?

You have a mobile phone, you might think it’s pretty safe, but what you might not realize is that these devices can have spyware on them. Keep in mind, many of the “signs” listed below are everyday no...

19 Oct 2018
Jason Bell

GDPR, now that was a day to remember

May 25 May 25 2018 saw the official birth of GDPR. It will long be remembered as the day from which organisations handling or processing personal data belonging to EU citizens became accountable, fine...

12 Oct 2018
Digital Banking Trends