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Paul Miserez

Security and compliance through standards

At the occasion of the 2017 Standards Forum to be held at Sibos in Toronto, Canada from 16 to 19 October, I interviewed a number of SWIFT standards experts about the content of this year's programme....

03 Oct 2017
Standards Forum
Michael Corcione

Cybersecurity: Getting the basics right

October is Cybersecurity Month – so it’s a good time to step back and consider whether or not your organization is getting the fundamentals right. Many experts believe that ensuring the basics are i

03 Oct 2017
Breana Patel

Cyber Security Regulations : Financial Services

We live in an age where the threat of cyberattacks is seemingly imminent. As a result, many firms in the financial services and banking industries have stepped their game up and created specific secu

29 Sep 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Paul Irvine

The 3 questions the financial services industry needs to ask itself regarding GDPR

Businesses around the globe are becoming increasingly data-driven. This is largely due to the expectation of customisation of the user experience. Financial institutions, in particular have been able ...

29 Sep 2017
Information Security
James Barret

The Equifax Debacle: An Alarm Bell for Banks?

Watching the Equifax debacle unfold has been a bit like watching a badly written coming of age story - just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The plot has certainly thickened as it has ...

18 Sep 2017
Information Security
Katie Rigby-Brown

Who didn’t hear about Equifax? Actually, quite a lot of people

It was nearly impossible to avoid the media coverage, and subsequent public outrage surrounding the data breach at credit reporting agency Equifax, which left 143 million people potentially exposed to...

15 Sep 2017
Data Protection Act Issues
Paul Dignan

Are we safe to bank on biometrics?

For financial institutions, the primary goal of digitisation is making banking simpler and more intuitive for customers. Biometric identification has huge potential, offering convenience, simplifying ...

08 Sep 2017
Information Security
Balazs Fejes

Sci-Fi Realities: Embracing Quantum Computing’s Imminent Role

Something that was once considered science fiction is becoming a reality and, in turn, a monumental technology disruption. It’s no surprise that as the amount of data processed, analyzed and stored in...

07 Sep 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Sadra Boutorabi

3D Secure 2.0 and PSD2, live together in perfect harmony

What is PSD2? PSD2 is the second iteration of ‘Payment Services Directive’ (PSD), a European Union (EU) directive first introduced in 2007 to regulate payment services and payment service providers (P...

23 Aug 2017
Online Banking
Retired Member

For infosec the only way is global

With information security rapidly gaining prominence over the last few years legislators have jumped into action to improve safeguards and public confidence in IT systems. While information security c...

17 Aug 2017
Paul Irvine

Financial services: Reduce the cyber risk from within

Financial services organisations are at an inherently greater risk of cyber attacks due to the sensitive nature of the data they store, and the monetary motivations of cybercriminals, they are keenly ...

17 Aug 2017
Information Security
Retired Member

Tips to Strengthen the Security of Mobile Banking Apps

With the advancement of technology, the world is moving towards the cashless economy system. The internet has facilitated people with e-banking facilities. The recent statistics reveal the fact that t...

17 Aug 2017
Online Banking