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Ivy Schmerken

Simplifying Complexity: Trading Complex Order Books in Options Part I

The appetite for multi-leg options strategies is on the rise. But this also means capturing liquidity that is fragmented across multiple options exchanges. Complex orders or spread trades allow trader...

15 Oct 2015
Neil Crammond

EUREKA .......EUREXA ...............EUCHEATA

The most shocking revelation of the V.W saga was that the regulators were either asleep or cheating in their duties and knew this since early 2014 . The very questioning of our regulators is now the ...

13 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Why rogue traders should be afraid of big 'bad' data

Rogue traders continue to cause catastrophic damages to banks. It’s no great surprise then that the incentive for banks to detect – and prevent – such illegal activities is extremely high. Inevitably ...

13 Oct 2015
Iosif Itkin

Innovation in Quality Assurance - What is the Impact on Trading Technology?

This post outlines some ideas on how particular changes in quality assurance might affect the trading technology. There are lots of discussions on Internet-of-Things, Cloud and Web. However, there are...

10 Oct 2015
Anne Plested

MiFID II choice cuts

The overhaul of transaction reporting under MiFID II continues unabated in the latest ESMA drafts, with new obligations and data changes still being introduced. Aimed at improving the quality of data ...

08 Oct 2015
Retired Member

FRTB: Replacing VaR with Expected Shortfall in market risk

Out with old risk metric, in with the new. Welcome to Expected Shortfall The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has been revising its market risk framework since 2012. The result of its ‘fundame...

06 Oct 2015
Anne Plested

Doesn’t ESMA time fly!

Looking at the latest changes regarding accuracy of business clocks, now reincarnated as RTS 25, I noticed a number of interesting points in the text. Most importantly, the absence of the usual claus...

06 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Getting to grips with complex assets

We’re seeing little let up in the volume of fines imposed on firms that fail to meet regulatory requirements. Last month, Finra, the brokerage industry’s self-funded regulator, reported fines of $37....

06 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Symphony strikes a chord

I have been following the Symphony story with interest and the recent news that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is looking to invest certainly got my attention. Is this the sound of the mighty Goog...

06 Oct 2015
Kittredge Carswell

Transforming your global trade business for the future

Trade bankers know that, in a world running at Internet speed, standing still is not an option. The scope and scale of the changes they face is ever-changing, whether in terms of regulations, customer...

04 Oct 2015
Retired Member

What’s missing from ESMA’s report?

Yesterday saw the publication of ESMA’s long-awaited report on the technical standards for MiFID II / MiFIR. As well as reviewing every single word of this impressive tome – 1,532 pages spread across...

29 Sep 2015
Retired Member

How speech analytics can help you meet your compliance needs

No company can afford to ignore their compliance regulations that are in place to ensure markets and financial systems remain sound, stable and resilient - inhibiting market abuse and promoting confid...

22 Sep 2015