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Derek Corcoran

The Amazon Credit Card - They've got it right!

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, has just offered me a credit card. And they did it right...Amazon recognizes that banking is a companion activity. It's something we do in support of somet...

06 Sep 2014
Elton Cane

Contactless payments are not a choice

If you want a new debit or credit card in Australia, you're getting PayWave or PayPass - there's no choice. And Australian police forces, and at least some consumers, don't like it. Police are bemoan...

29 Aug 2014
Future Finance
Brett King

Coin Card delays launch to Spring 2015, upset backers

If you've been waiting for news regarding Coin Card, then you've got a longer wait than expected. Coin launched with HUGE fanfare in November of 2013, promising to revolutionize your credit card by al...

22 Aug 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Balazs Fejes

No More False Starts: Time For mPOS To Get Unified

The move to mobile point of sale (mobile POS) is radically changing the face of customer interactions and payments in certain sectors, particularly in retail, as both customers and merchants grow incr...

19 Aug 2014
Matt Scott

Will Host Card Emulation save NFC?

Coexistence: Host Card Emulation supports the coexistence between the Secure Element issuance model and the HCE CloudSE and in-software approaches. This leaves an open-door to a shift in approaches or...

14 Aug 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Tim Brew

Size does matter!

Interesting isn't it that two of the worlds' largest regions, the US and the Euro Zone, both end up trailing the leaders in payment technology by years. In the US the roll out of EMV has finally ki

14 Aug 2014
Martin Gloor

New payment methods in a global world?

In recent years, we have seen a lot of innovation in the payment space. It’s not just cash, credit card or cheques anymore. You pay for your coffee with your contactless card or mobile app. You do so...

31 Jul 2014
Sean Bowen

Is The World Ready for The Internet of Things?

Regardless of what business they are in, today’s IT leaders are under pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving service resilience, volume and quantity. This is not surprising given the ...

23 Jul 2014
Retired Member

Contactless payments take-off in Slovakia

From a cold start to a bright future in less than six years! In 2008, a well-respected analyst house reported that “Europeans show little interest in contactless payments”. However, in 2013-2014, the...

23 Jul 2014
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Cash in Hand Is Worth More Than Card In Bush

There’s no shortage of studies about the hidden costs of cash. Take this recent HBR report for example. On the face of it, they all make a solid case for society to turn cashless from tomorrow. Howev...

21 Jul 2014
Retired Member

Prepare Now For Interest Rate Rises or Suffer Later

Just two weeks ago, on the 3rd of June, I spoke at ATMIA’s European ATMs conference in London, and published a blog, on the subject of rising interest rates and the impact this will have on the ATM i...

19 Jun 2014
Paul Underwood

Cash is dying, mobile is crying, plastic is still the king

For years the promise that ‘this will be the year of mobile payments’ has dominated industry news feeds. It’s true that mobile will eventually succeed the humble plastic card, but quite when remains t...

12 Jun 2014