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Enrico Camerinelli

Supply Chain Finance: Is it what you really think it is?

I will be shortly publishing a report on solution vendors of supply chain finance software solutions. Want to share with you a sneak preview of the major impact points of the research: Supply chain fi...

13 Oct 2011
Financial Supply Chain
Enrico Camerinelli

TiMS: From concept to reality

After testing the concept with corporate treasurers and through direct conversations with banks and software vendors at SIBOS earlier in September I am confident to anticipate that Treasury informatio...

10 Oct 2011
Treasury Management
Darren Negraeff

The role of specialized product bundling in banking

The commoditisation of traditional banking products through new technologies, as I’ve been reading about in Joseph DiVanna’s excellent Redefining Financial Services, has pushed banks to redefine their...

06 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Leon Orr

ICB lobbying... be careful what you ask for...

It is inevitable that we are about to enter a period of lobbying by the banks (not that they weren’t already doing this!) whilst the ICB report is interpreted and translated in to legislation. We have...

20 Sep 2011
Retired Member

Will FSA mobile regulations render rogue traders obsolete?

Oh to be in the UBS compliance team this week. With news that another “rogue trader” has slipped under the radar in such spectacular fashion—at a time when the world’s banking system is in such a frag...

19 Sep 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

How high is your ring-fence?

One of the intriguing notions in the run up to the Vickers report publication has been the “height” of the ring-fence. And indeed, what that even means. Well now we know. The ICB’s test for decidin...

12 Sep 2011
Leon Orr

What will the ICB report bring on Monday?

It’s now just a few days until the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) publishes their eagerly awaited recommendations for UK banking reform. April’s interim report gave us a feel for what to expe...

08 Sep 2011
Retired Member

Mobile recording: Should compliance officers be frightened?

Last week saw the UK Financial Service Authority’s (FSA) latest win in its war against market abuse when it announced that it had imposed an £8m fine on Swift Trade for layering—a practice of placing ...

06 Sep 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Summer time and the trading is easy... next year

FSA mobile recording compliance and the working holiday. It’s August and the City has that almost peaceful summer feel, as its workers migrate to hotter climes for their “Worlidays”. Worlidays, a name...

31 Aug 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Transforming payments into a profitable business

Transaction banking is now receiving the respect it deserves as a sustainable source of revenue and vital customer touch point. In fact, in 2009 global payments revenues were $900 billion – double tha...

23 Aug 2011
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

The best things in life aren't always free

I hear that some dealers are suggesting that they will not become members of CCPs which are not deemed to be robust. This brings some interesting questions to the table. A good start is that dealers h...

08 Aug 2011
Retired Member

Know your assay from your elbow...

Gold is heading north again this morning. As the dollar weakens and there is a flight to safe-haven “hard” assets, gold has broken through the USD 1,700/oz barrier and continues to rise. Last week p...

08 Aug 2011