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Anthony Cossey

A Little Extra Protection for an XP Computer at Home

This post is prompted by the recent surge of hackers taking remote control of home computers ( All the software mentioned here is free, ...

20 Nov 2008
Michael Fuller

Convenience Store ATM Fraud

About eight weeks ago I got my wife and I Shell MasterCards from Citi to buy fuel with. This was prompted by the offer of 3% off our fuel purchases at Shell. (6% in the first 60 days from account ope

19 Nov 2008
Anthony Cossey

Worried about losing your USB Flash Drive?

Worried about losing your USB Flash Drive? It seems everyone these days are carrying around USB flash drives, see my blog article here on buying a drive

18 Nov 2008
Information Security
Retired Member

How safe are you online?

Think you're safe? Try this! (only applies to Windows PC users). It's a bit slow and plodding but it does the job. Yes - it's Get safe online week - an annual UK bash to make the public aware of the ...

17 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

Swiftcommunity infiltrated by fraudster

One hopes that vetting procedures for accessing Swift's secure SwiftNet network are much stricter than those for its online community forums at It seems that a Nigerian 419 fraudst...

13 Nov 2008
Information Security
Paul Penrose

Low-tech innovation in the ATM comfort zone

A New Zealand woman has come up with a novel low-cost solution to shoulder-surfing at ATMs. Beach Haven-based Sharon Stamper is the brains behind the yellow lines that are now a standard fixture in al...

12 Nov 2008
Roy McPherson

Facebook Fraud

Is there anyone out there in either the real or cyber world that is in the least surprised by this article? For me the only surprise is that it's taken the fraudsters so long to latch onto Facebook. E...

11 Nov 2008
Michael Fuller

3D, 2D or 1D Secure?

Thanks to all those who responded to my earlier comments about card security. It seems there are different implementations of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Some issuers request only a

08 Nov 2008
Retired Member

This Fraud Starts Before You Get To The ATM

When I read this, my immediate thoughts (actually let's skip the first), were that if a scammer has called a victim and convinced them to go to an ATM and transfer money to the scammer's account, it i...

07 Nov 2008
Gary Wright

It is not the risks we know that should worry us

There have been countless risk conferences and countless hours spent by risk managers over the years on the importance of understanding and mitigating risks in the markets. The sad fact is that recent...

07 Nov 2008
Data Management 101
Gary Wright

What is the true value of XBRL?

XML is not new but you would be forgiven for thinking it is, in the financial services industry. Now that ISO20022 is grabbing some attention there is an inevitable growing interest in XML. A few year...

07 Nov 2008
Retired Member

I didn't see that wad coming - it was before I was born!

Security and authentication were only ever a spend if it involved cutting costs, either in the process itself, at the call centre, and as an after thought if fraud impacts on balances or the bank's ba...

06 Nov 2008
Innovation in Financial Services