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Chris Holmes

Health check: what the current COVID-19 pandemic means for the global FinTech industry

The current pandemic sweeping through most of the world has wreaked havoc in most areas of the economy as well as our personal lives. As schools and businesses gradually shut down, governments plead f...

27 Mar 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Bhavesh Vaghela

Staying Connected ...

I am writing this with the intention it may help others as the new normal of social distancing and isolation continues... Humanity faces one of its most testing times since the world war, the hidden...

27 Mar 2020
After hours
Uma Pasupathy

Banking in Times of Corona - India Perspective

The situation arising out of corona pandemic has hit all of us hard and reality has been thrust on us. While this situation is a first time experience for many of us, this has been an eye-opener to ha...

27 Mar 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why does cryptocurrency need more exchange platforms?

These are confusing times for everyone both mentally and financially. While the stock market is crashing and governments are spending trillions trying to salvage the situation caused by the coronavir...

27 Mar 2020
Cryptocurrency Insights
Steve Cook

The importance of passive facial liveness detection

The importance of passive facial liveness detection is key for digital onboarding and a frictionless user experience. Liveness detection has become a critical part of the digital identity process for ...

27 Mar 2020
Uri Rivner

Social distancing changes our digital behaviors

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, users are beginning to change their digital behaviors. One emerging trend, not surprisingly, is an increase in the use of Remote Access. Criminals conside...

26 Mar 2020
Online Banking
Tim Simon

Keep Calm and Carry On...Doing Business!

Most of us have never experienced times like these before but, while the medics deal with the health crisis, we - the financial services and FinTech sectors - have a crucial role to play in minimising...

26 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Thomas Pintelon

Are banks ready for the Corona emergency measures imposed by governments?

Amid the Corona crisis, governments worldwide are urgently deciding on numerous actions to limit the economic impact of this unprecedented health crisis. Top priority in these plans is to help people ...

26 Mar 2020
Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings
Ambrish Parmar

COVID-19 A message of support - We will get through this together -

Dear Finextra community - We will get through this together - These are unsettling times and COVID-19 is clearing impacting our personal and professional lives, and those that we love. I wanted to wis...

26 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Daniel Fasnacht

The Way Forward: 21 Ideas for Bank Leaders to Boost Business after the Crisis

In the hardest times, there is always a way to get better. With The Way Forward, I’d like to share disruptive changes that shape industries, businesses, and societies in the context of financial servi...

25 Mar 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Barbara Matthews

Digital Dollar and Stablecoin Policy Moves Forward

Throughout the week, steady low level activity has been visible regarding digital currencies globally. It's only Tuesday, but the cross-border public policy arena has suddenly become much more welcom...

25 Mar 2020
Digital Asset Class (DAC)
Philippe Carrel

Stress Testing under COVID? Follow the Money

Who had stress tested Shanghai, Paris or New York turning into ghost towns in 2020? Who modeled energy prices down 70% within a few days? Surely enough, all sectors of all developed countries grinding...

24 Mar 2020