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James Sinclair

7 Trade Finance Leaders share the biggest themes for 2019

Amongst all the doom and gloom about trade wars, protectionism and economic uncertainty over the past 12 months, Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke to leaders in trade about the positive news stories an...

11 Feb 2019
Transaction Banking
Retired Member

Where will the liquidity shift within Europe?

Recently, Phil from the FT highlighted the risk for about 90 dual-listed companies under a no-deal Brexit. But I think the problem is much bigger. In our own analysis, we took it further and found ab...

07 Feb 2019
Eleanor Stevenson

Sterling bounces as markets price in a softer Brexit

The huge margin of defeat suffered by Theresa May's withdrawal agreement paradoxically boosted the Pound last Tuesday, which finished the week atop the G10 rankings. A string of weak economic data fro...

21 Jan 2019
Bob Lyddon

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement gives the EU ample scope to continue to spend on the UK's credit card

The Daily Express issued a “shock horror” story on 30th December that the EU was in financial meltdown over the loss of the UK’s budget contributions. This seems overstated. They have no need to worry...

17 Jan 2019
SEPA and European Payments
Steve Britton

Electronic Invoicing in the UK Public Sector, post Brexit

Electronic Invoicing in the UK Public Sector, post Brexit – how close are we to achieving a digital government? It has been over 4 years since the UK Government’s enquiry into electronic invoicing (‘e...

03 Jan 2019
Electronic invoicing
Sheza Gary

Brexit Vote Fallout: Here’s What It Could Mean for the Pound

After shocking the global community in 2016 with a referendum to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom is nearing its departure date from the EU. Now, more than two years after the initial vote...

07 Dec 2018
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

Beyond the obvious choice

Many trading firms are looking towards multi-entity setups to prepare for Brexit. The larger firms tend to have subsidiaries or branches in place, so they already have a flexible hedge against any Bre...

08 Nov 2018
Retired Member

FCA Brexit consultation offers alternative to noisy political debate

You might be excused for thinking that given the remaining Brexit uncertainty, contingency planning is something for policy wonks and lawyers. But this oversimplifies the situation, in particular sinc...

22 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Financial regulators as fintech catalysts

Fintech companies are struggling with the friction of compliance, while at the same time they try to deal with risk-averse regulatory bodies in every part of the world. Practically all* fintech series...

10 Oct 2018
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Upside Of Brexit For IT Industry

When my employer posted me to Germany in the early 2000s to open its subsidiary for the so-called D-A-CH (German speaking) market of Europe, we had no reference customer in Germany. When prospects wou...

02 Oct 2018
Brie Lam

Brexit and the Buyside: When Your Counterparty Wants to Novate

OTC derivatives market participants are receiving a growing number of requests from their dealers to novate swaps from a one entity to another within the same dealer group. Many of these requests are...

08 Aug 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Retired Member

Joining the fray

It was always clear that Brexit was going to be an inherently complex undertaking that the industry must muddle through somehow. By now we’re all quite used to politicians of every stripe selling us t...

28 Jun 2018