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Jayanth Jagadeesh

Technology Adoption Trends Worth Paying Attention To

Banks today are looking beyond ‘product and pricing innovation’ for differentiation and competitive advantage. The new aspiration is to champion the trifecta of Customer Experience (CX), Omnichannel e...

21 May 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
James Stickland

Working from Home: Remote Security or Securely Remote?

As governments start to ease lockdown measures, business leaders are adapting to how the world of work has changed. In a post-COVID landscape, remote working will be more accepted – even in the bank...

20 May 2020
Leon Gauhman

4 Digital Transformation Lessons that Banks Need to Learn from Covid-19

When COVID-19 is finally brought under control, several key sectors will be remembered for the way they stepped up and took responsibility during the crisis. Healthcare is the most obvious, but superm...

20 May 2020
Hirander Misra

The crisis forces the Puppet Master to cut loose the puppets

Will the current economic crisis result in changes to the economic establishment as we know it, so that a new order is established fuelled by democratised digitally enabled innovation? How can data an...

19 May 2020
Bigger than Technology
Shaun Puckrin

Balancing Innovation and Regulation: Fintech Trends and Challenges

The financial services industry has been ruled by traditional banks for decades, but with the financial crash in 2008, regulation and microinspection paved the way for younger and more innovative comp...

19 May 2020
Shawn Hughes

5 Tips for FinTech Leaders to Navigate the Uncertain Road Ahead

Almost no one alive today has previously encountered a crisis quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. But change truly is the only constant in life, business and banking, so agility is an attribute that gre...

19 May 2020
Operational Risk Management
Adam Holden

5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive: Do We Need Rules or a Flexible Approach?

Businesses continue to face multiple challenges in achieving compliance with the requirements of the FCA and the 5th Money Laundering Directive (5th MLD), whilst running a tight and effective business...

19 May 2020
Joris Lochy

RPA - The miracle solution for incumbent banks to bridge the automation gap with neo-banks?

Hypes and marketing buzz words are strongly present in the IT landscape. Often these are existing concepts, which have evolved technologically and are then renamed to a new term, as if it were a brand...

18 May 2020
Banking Architecture
Madhukar Ramu

Corporate Actions during COVID-19: First wave of impact

A number of companies have reported earnings over the past few weeks, providing an early insight into how the COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on revenues and profits in the first quarte...

18 May 2020
Operational Risk Management
Willem Lambrechts

The Loudest Voice

Governments are cautiously starting to relax the lockdown. Economic life, or what is left of it, starts picking up. Everybody is encouraged to “go digital” and work from home. That is probably fair en...

18 May 2020
Digital Sales
Santhy Sreedhar

Covid 19 - Changing strategies for Banks

Ever since Banks started with computerization and moved away from manual records handling to banking software for processing of transactions, constant efforts are being made to 'debug' the software bu...

17 May 2020
Ahmed Khidhir

Will COVID-19 reshape digital banking?

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about drastic changes in our lives, and by every measure we are going through a great crisis. It is natural to assume that the pandemic will be a turning point in mod...

17 May 2020
Digital Banking Trends