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Steve Dance

Groupthink - our biggest challenge

A short trip around the Finextra website can clearly demonstrate that there's no shortage of potential solutions to support the risk identification and management process. There's systems, tools and ...

25 Jan 2011
Retired Member

13 million people in the UK have been affected by card fraud

Ever been a victim of card fraud? If you haven’t than you are perhaps luckier than you think you are, or you are already taking steps to protect your valuable financial information. According to our l...

24 Jan 2011
Information Security
Robert Siciliano

Putting An End to Data Breaches As We Know Them

The AP reports “WikiLeaks’ release of secret government communications should serve as a warning to the nation’s biggest companies: You’re next.” According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse’s Chron...

22 Jan 2011
Michael Grillo

Don't be discouraged from online banking

Next generation Trojan and malware programs continue to get more sophisticated and can wreak financial and personal havoc for everyone from consumers to small to large businesses. Just last night I sp...

21 Jan 2011
Angus Stewart


So, it’s official: employee fraud is marching north yet again! But is this crime one we’ll ever get to grips with? Listening to Richard Hurley of CIFAS on BBC Radio 4 the other day, I was left in no

14 Jan 2011
Uri Rivner

ZeusiLeaks Archives File 002: Alarm Bells

The holidays are over and it’s time for the second file plucked from the ZeusiLeaks Archives! If you missed the first one, it’s here. Quick reminder: WikiLeaks, the largest leak of data the world ha...

11 Jan 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Blue Cross Blue Shield Applications Found in Trash

Ever apply for insurance of any kind? There is always a litany of paperwork and the process is always frustrating and somewhat demeaning. Insurer’s applications feel invasive and ask questions that re...

05 Jan 2011