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Retired Member

PCI Data Security Law

Legally speaking, we can't expect the PCI to keep up with the criminals. Therefore the legal system (Federal Trade Commission) is wrong to punish merchants like Hannaford and TJX for credit card brea...

31 Mar 2008
Paul Penrose

PCI compliance fails to prevent Hannaford hacking

The Hannaford card security breach is a worrying development for the payment card industry. The exploit - which would appear to be an inside job - exposes weaknesses in the PCI compliance standards ex...

31 Mar 2008
Trends in Financial Services
Jonathan Rosenne

How did they obtain the PINs?

The important issue, in my mind, is how did the fraudsters obtain the ATM PIN codes.

28 Mar 2008
Sriram Natarajan

Shadow 'Sar-Box-ing'

What is the most likely event to emanate from all the downslides in the financial market? Yes, the plethora of new laws and regulations. We saw Sarbanes-Oxeley in response to Enron and World Com. We ...

22 Mar 2008
Retired Member

Spammers tap YouTube

In a new twist, it seems that pump and dump fraudsters are now exploiting social media networks to artificially inflate the price of stocks in addition to boiler room scams, 'blast faxes' and more tra...

20 Mar 2008
Matt White

PayPass open to hack attacks?

A couple of weeks ago Finextra reported that security expert Adam Laurie has developed a script that lets fraudsters pull the names, account numbers and expiration dates from RFID enabled American E...

12 Mar 2008
Jonathan Rosenne


Diebold is one of the leading vendors of ATMs worldwide, and is now in the news: Whatever the outcome of the current boardroom hassle, it is ...

08 Mar 2008
Trends in Financial Services
Retired Member

Leap year woes

There was a rash of stories last week about assorted web sites not coping with February 29th or leap years in general. You'd think by now this kind of thing would have been sorted out - we did after a...

05 Mar 2008
Retired Member

Hacker shows all - RFID ticket system for NYC, DC bad idea?

Bear in mind the ticket system uses RFID chips and in my experience the Black Hat's leave a trick or two up their sleeve so it's probably worse than one might think. You probably have time to read thi...

23 Feb 2008
Sriram Natarajan

Debt and Fraud - the inescapable facts of life in 2008

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity", so goes a wise crack. The way the world is going in 2008, it looks like Debt and Fraud are going to the two most co...

13 Feb 2008
Keith Appleyard

HMRC unable to accept encrypted media

Here we are over 2 months after the initial Child Benefit fiasco; you would think the HMRC would have introduced controls to accept encrypted media? The Information Commissioner just issued Marks &...

01 Feb 2008
Keith Appleyard

NatWest phishing scam

Sunday my daughter got an e-mail purporting to be from Natwest saying that someone had been trying to access her Online Banking. E-mail said they had temporarily disabled her Online Account and if she...

31 Jan 2008