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Milos Dunjic

Blockchain Immutability ... Blessing or Curse?

I need to warn you right from the start. If you think that the ‘immutability’ of a blockchain is its most useful and precious feature, think again. What you may own today, in either Bitcoin, Ether or ...

03 Jun 2018
Blockchain Observations
Vikrant Sant

Hackers and cross-border payments: what you need to know

With the heightened usage of digital devices, the security and access mechanisms of these devices are under constant threat from hackers looking to gain access to sensitive information or initiate fra...

30 May 2018
Anthony Hynes

Alipay, Paytm and now WhatsApp? Keeping up with burgeoning consumer payments

Thanks to the fintech revolution, today’s consumers have more choice than ever in how they pay. This is especially true in Asia. In India, for example, there are already around 60 non-banking provider...

23 May 2018
Louis Peake

The rise of contactless cards in the UK

A London Business School professor recently made the rather dramatic claim that parting with cash is “psychologically painful”, but that paying for items with a contactless card “anaesthetises the psy...

21 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

Major difference between the UK's two flavours of Voluntary Liquidation and the FCA's SMR

Qualifying applicants under the UK Financial Conduct Authority's Senior Managers Regime must complete a lengthy form and, in certain circumstances, provide full explanatory information. A candidate mu...

20 May 2018
Banking Regulations
Ketharaman Swaminathan

PSA: Insist On Receipt When You Pay By NEFT And FPS

When you pay someone, you expect to get a receipt for the payment. Especially when that "someone" is a business. Receipt - or "proof of receipt" - must be issued by the Payee / Mer...

18 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

New Payment System Operator appoints two more natural legal persons as Member-Guarantors

I blogged two weeks ago that NPSO had become the operator of BACS and Faster Payments while in the control of just one person, and a natural legal person at that. NPSO has quickly appointed two new Me...

18 May 2018
Transaction Banking
Jared Ronski

Evolving Payments in the Era of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) – once a buzzword – is now becoming a reality. As we approach a staggering 31 billion connected devices worldwide within the next two years, retailers are wondering how t...

14 May 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Gerard Hergenroeder


Warren Buffet and his thoughts on Bitcoin -- "Speaking to CNBC anchor Becky Quick ahead of Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, the billionaire investor said bitcoi...

09 May 2018
Blockchain Observations
Lina Andolf Orup

Combating our love-hate relationship with contactless payments

Contactless payments’ popularity is undeniable. Of the 3.5 billion payment cards produced annually, about half are now contactless. With new figures highlighting rapid adoption across Europe, contactl...

09 May 2018
Myles Dawson

Customer personalisation: What do shoppers actually want?

Much like the British weather so far this year, the forecast for British retail in 2018 is mixed. We’ve seen reports of store closures and job losses, but it isn’t all doom and gloom; shopping centre ...

09 May 2018
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

Visa Claims Resolution and Merchant Liability

At last - The ‘Beast from the East’ has given way to an African heatwave! Which is great news for retailers, since better weather motivates consumers to refresh their wardrobes, book holidays and spr...

09 May 2018
Trends in Financial Services