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Robert Siciliano

Happy Holidays and Thank You From Robert Siciliano

25 years ago I was in a situation where I needed some help. A man appeared out of nowhere and seemed to have sensed my desperation and offered assistance. I accepted. Up until that day “It was all abo...

31 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

Hacking Wireless for Identity Theft

The ability to connect wirelessly has a lot to do with the indispensability of the Internet in our daily lives. Wireless Internet is available in our homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels,...

28 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

Online Shoppers Concerned About Identity Theft

Shopping online is unquestionably more convenient and efficient than traditional commerce. But is it safer? We face risk everywhere we go. We risk car accidents on the way to the mall. Muggers and thi...

13 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

Twitter Crime on the Rise

Twitter is now beginning to see a substantial rise in active users. A recent report found that the percentage of Twitter users who have tweeted ten or more times, have more than ten followers, and fo...

09 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

Top 5 Vishing Techniques

“Vishing” occurs when criminals call victims on the phone and attempt to lure them into divulging personal information that can be used to commit identity theft. The name comes from “voice,” and “phis...

07 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

How Much Longer Does the Magstripe Have?

Every U.S.-based credit card has a magnetic stripe on the back. This stripe can be read and rewritten like a rewritable burnable CD, using card burners that are easily available online. The simplicity...

06 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

Supercookies: What Websites Know About You

Most major websites now install cookies on your computer, which track what you do online. Over time, these cookies develop a profile, which becomes your digital fingerprint, to a certain extent. You ...

01 Dec 2010
Robert Siciliano

What Security Issues Should You Worry About?

First thing I tell my seminar attendees is “The chances of anything bad ever happening to you is very slim. So don’t worry about. However you should still put these systems in place.” Are you a helico...

22 Nov 2010
Robert Siciliano

CO. Supreme Court Using a Stolen SS Number is Not ID Theft

I feel like my head is going to explode. The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled “that using someone else’s Social Security number is not identity theft as long as you use your own name with it.” The def...

16 Nov 2010
Robert Siciliano

Using Video To Catch a Nasty Neighbor

Living in the Northeast has its pros and cons. We have the four seasons, great food, entertainment, sports, everything is at your fingertips, and for me it’s where business gets done. Drawbacks includ...

15 Nov 2010
Robert Siciliano

Criminal Hackers: The Soldiers of the Web Mob

Today’s criminal hackers are very different than those who hacked for fun and fame a decade ago. Every week, I see stories about more criminals in faraway lands, making millions from various scams, em...

11 Nov 2010
Robert Siciliano

Botnets Turn Your PC into A Zombie

A botnet is a group of Internet-connected personal computers that have been infected by a malicious application, which allows a hacker to control the infected computers without alerting the computer o...

06 Nov 2010