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Sheza Gary

What is the Likely Direction of EUR and GBP Pair

Forex rates are fickle, and subject to whipsaw pricing at any given time. The EUR/GBP currency pair is a case in point. On June 23, 2016, Britons voted for Brexit, gaining a slight majority over their...

16 Jan 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Mete Feridun

Countdown to Brexit: What should EEA firms do about their regulatory permissions?

As the countdown to 31 October 2019 can now be measured in weeks, the UK and the EU are hurtling towards a no-deal Brexit. This has implications for inbound passporting EEA firms as the UK Financial S...

06 Sep 2019
Banking Regulations
Mete Feridun

Are UK branches of EU-27 banks ready to become third-country branches?

The UK branches of the EU-27 banks currently benefit from lighter regulatory requirements compared to the third-country branches. However, post-Brexit this distinction will no longer be relevant as al...

27 Aug 2019
Banking Regulations
Anne Plested

Catch 22: The share trading obligation

MiFID II refined the definition of OTC trading for equities, making it more difficult for firms to trade away from recognised trading venues or outside of a systematic internaliser (SI). Introduced in...

15 Aug 2019
René Hendrikse

Identity technology and Dublin’s draw for fintech firms post-Brexit

The appointment of Gabriel Makhlouf as the 12th governor of the Central Bank of Ireland earlier this year hasn’t gone unnoticed. Until recently the top official in New Zealand’s treasury, he will be t...

09 Aug 2019
Banking Regulations
Stuart Jackson

The UK will still be the best place to start a fintech business post Brexit

Britain is on the cusp of seismic change brought on by the 2016 EU Referendum. Brexit has been variously touted as the end of the UK economy and the start of a new British renaissance – and everything...

25 Jul 2019
Retired Member

Compromising on trading obligation

Today ESMA changed their mind on the share trading obligation (STO) in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. Under their new approach, any ISIN with the GB country code is now out of scope. Obviously, this ...

29 May 2019
Konstantin Rabin

Brexit’s danger to bank bonds in EU and UK

We have all had it by discussing all of the issues that come with Brexit. There have been more delays in the final decision on Brexit than we can account for and, at this point, the people cannot help...

23 May 2019
Banking Architecture
Retired Member

How to choose a regulator for a financial company

London was home to many European fintech companies - currently almost 50% of all payment institutions of the European Economic Area (EEA) are clustered in the UK. However, Brexit means that they will ...

16 Apr 2019
Konstantin Rabin

The effect of uncertainty on UK business over the past two years

Brexit is the great big British nightmare of the past two years that we can’t seem to be able to wake up from. The ongoing nightmare has been an endless question mark for the entire world. What is mor...

08 Apr 2019
Retired Member

European fintech in the era of Brexit

The world will never be the same again - regardless of when and under what conditions Brexit will actually happen (and whether it will happen at all): certain things, including the financial world, wi...

05 Apr 2019
Gustav Korobov

No-deal Brexit negative effect for Payment Service and E-money Institutions authorised in the UK

Recently we published news on the survey that indicated that about a third of UK businesses are considering relocation due to Brexit. Many Authorised Payment Service Institutions and Authorised E-mon...

12 Mar 2019
Financial Services Regulation