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Shailendra Malik

AI maturing fast in decision-making domain

Since the day Deep Blue became the trailblazer in beating a human in the game of chess in 1997, the age of rising complex computing algorithms and programs started. With every year programmers identi

17 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Jan Dinger

Open for Business: New Banking Models Demand Data Strength

While the premise of “Bank as API” has been around for a while, it’s fair to say that adoption of this concept grew considerably in 2018. Banks’ senior tech leaders have noted throughout this year tha...

19 h
Paul White

Digitalisation Pursuits Start with Sound Data Governance Strategy

Digitalisation initiatives truly run across financial services in a way few other technology trends do. Spanning both investment banks and asset managers, they often serve as a kind of umbrella that a...

20 h
Jesse Champagne

Prepaid Makes Insurance Payouts Easier And More Cost-Effective

If your house is damaged in a storm, you don’t have time to wait around to settle your insurance claim or wait for a payment–you need help now. Previously, insurance companies would send paper cheques...

22 Feb 2019
Amy T

Blockchain’s Impact on the Real Estate Market

Blockchain is hard to ignore these days, as the technology is all around us, and it looks like we’re only touching the tip of the iceberg at the moment. It’s very likely that we’re going to see even m...

22 Feb 2019
Blockchain Observations
Vibhav Agarwal

GRC 2019: The known unknowns

“The future of GRC will not just be about managing known risks or monitoring compliance. It will be about sustaining an organisation’s social license to operate.” Now that 2019 is underway, it is a go...

22 Feb 2019
Barley Laing

Is now the time for one global ID verification data source?

It is an inescapable fact that for effective ID verification, and therefore KYC and AML compliance, financial services companies need to access to billions of records in real-time to ensure adequate c...

22 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Chirag Patel

Global Asset Management in 2020

Amid unprecedented economic turmoil and regulatory change, most asset managers have afforded themselves little time to bring the future into focus. But the industry stands on the precipice of a number...

21 Feb 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Chris Andrews

Catering to the anytime, anywhere, anything retail consumer: The challenges

Retail eCommerce was a fairly simple operation ten years ago; most retailers’ websites offered a small range of products with long lead times, local delivery and postal returns. Payments were for the ...

21 Feb 2019
Digital Banking Trends
John Byrne

The wild world of regtech

The global regtech market is exploding. By 2023 revenues are expected to be worth $12.3 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25.4% over the next five years[i]. The pace at which it is ...

21 Feb 2019
Banking Regulations
Gabriel Schild

Staying in control of PCI DSS - why it doesn’t have to be a battle to stay compliant - Part 1

Maintaining payment security compliance is key to preserve consumer and supplier trust in a brand. However, the Payment Security Report (PSR) 2018 showed that compliance with the Payment Card Industry...

21 Feb 2019
Banking Regulations
Caroline McClelland

Budgeting for a Fintech App Development Project

Budgeting for a fintech app is not all that different to budgeting for any other project. You’ll need detailed budgeting in order to make it happen. How much an app costs to build is an area that many...

21 Feb 2019