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Richard Miller

Crossing the trust boundary with DLT pt1: Consortiums

Earlier this year I wrote about the main reasons for using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to solve your use case. In summary these were: Trust Boundary Extension: does your use case need trust b...

5 m
Blockchain Observations
Rik Coeckelbergs

The war on cash: National Banks Strike Back

Last week I blogged about contactless cards. The title started with “The war on cash”. This confused quite some readers, according to the comments when discussing my blog of last week. Interesting stu...

2 h
Trends in Financial Services
Anna Kuzmina

WeChat Pay in Russia

Previously, I wrote a couple of articles on Alipay and WeChat Pay, their history and strategy, their progress on the Russian ground. Not only them, Alibaba and Tencent, overall. Since then, things

3 h
Katharine McNamara

Money Marketing: How banks and fintechs are using tech and communications to boost brand

Marketing a new business is difficult whatever the service or product you're trying to supply. Making your voice heard in noisy marketplaces and prying customers away from established brands is a firs...

3 h
Marketing in Financial Services
Caroline McClelland

Mobile App AB Testing - To B or not to AB

Things You Should Consider Before A/B Testing A/B testing. It’s something we’ve probably all heard of, perhaps even used, but it can often be misunderstood and misused as well (even when approached wi...

15 Nov 2018
Arunachalam N

What is the Future of Bank Branches?

There are many Bank branches (Retail Banks) operating across India. Do we really need so many branches of the bank to tap customer base? I personally feel going forward there will be following activi...

15 Nov 2018
Disruption in Retail Banking
Bo Harald

Four big screens

The Real Time Economy Program in Finland (2006- ) did early on set goals like: - Real Time Tax reporting of salaries, pensions and social support (for salaries ready in 2019 - rest in 2020). Dividend...

14 Nov 2018
Data Management 101
Bo Harald

Two rivers becoming one..

The rapidly swelling data river (MyData, Big Data, Open Data, structured and unstructured) and the service design river namely. In the Real Time Economy program (2006-) we have seen important progres...

14 Nov 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Steve  Wilcockson

Embracing alternative data: a three-stage approach for portfolio managers

In the quest for alpha, a growing number of portfolio managers have been exploring the esoteric world of alternative data. Some forms, such as sentiment data based on terabytes of news texts and socia...

14 Nov 2018
Capital Markets Technology
Christian Voigt

It is about time

Last Friday, ESMA finally published its long anticipated call for evidence on periodic auctions. Periodic auctions became popular in 2017 and even more so through 2018 and so they are often linked to...

14 Nov 2018
Lu Zurawski

Open Banking and the magic illusion of 24x7 availability

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The wisdom in this old adage appears to ring true when applied to the early phases of the evolution of Open Banking (or open payments). Especial

13 Nov 2018
Open Banking
Anthony Pickup

Bio-metrics lowering friction in payments

Reading an article of linking facial recognition systems to in-store payments made me think about where next for biometrics in payments in the real world[1]. Payments at the highest level is one entit...

13 Nov 2018