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Martin Haering

Supporting Fintechs in engaging with financial institutions

Towards the end of 2018, the British Standards Institution (BSI) published a set of guidelines, advising Fintechs how best to engage with financial institutions with the goal of delivering a successf...

6 h
Bob Lyddon

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement gives the EU ample scope to continue to spend on the UK's credit card

The Daily Express issued a “shock horror” story on 30th December that the EU was in financial meltdown over the loss of the UK’s budget contributions. This seems overstated. They have no need to worry...

6 h
SEPA and European Payments
Patrick Bermingham

Invoicing in the IoT: why connections are key to maximising business value

Start-ups and established companies alike are increasingly interested in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), but many are missing a trick when it comes to payments. Businesses face many challeng...

6 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Amy T

How to Leverage Technology to Boost the Performance of Your Company’s Financial Services

Financial services and modern tech go hand in hand, and that should be obvious to anyone who’s been paying close attention to either of the two fields. There’s a lot to gain from tightly integrating m...

9 h
Financial Inclusion
Patricia Tessier

Distressed Loan Settlement: A Time for Change

Settling LSTA distressed loan trades in the secondary market is complex and time-consuming. Unlike the par loan market, distressed features additional requirements for inventory management, due dilige...

16 Jan 2019
Post-Trade Forum
Eli Rosner

How collaboration in the cloud can help banks innovate

One of the biggest problems banks face today is innovating the new services and products expected by their customers. In the digital age, which is dominated by the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook and...

16 Jan 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Rik Coeckelbergs

The Semantic Bank

Many of you know that since November I am freelancing, discovering the world of banking and banking technologies. One of the great advantages of freelancing is that you can pick the projects you like ...

16 Jan 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Ambrish Parmar

How disruption ready are you?

Time to read: 5 minutes to gain a different perspective // The music of change // New Year blues fully banished, enthused for the year ahead – personal and professional bucket list refreshed. I am luc...

15 Jan 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Craig Hughes

API: Arrays or named elements?

The humble restaurant menu follows a common pattern where menu items are generally separated into a logical hierarchy. At the top level, we may have breakfast items, dinner items or drinks items. Each...

15 Jan 2019
Daniel Fasnacht

Who is going to eat the bank's lunch?

With agile entrepreneurs from Asia, exporting their digital business models to the rest of the world, Western banks will soon face fierce competition. We expect large, traditional firms to fall behind...

15 Jan 2019
Innovation in Financial Services
Ellen Schubert

Faster On, Cleaner Off: Toward Enterprise Third-Party Risk Management

Today’s global banks and asset managers seek out technology rationalization and cost reduction wherever possible, and increasingly, this includes farming out back-office processes to external provider...

15 Jan 2019
Bart Vandekerckhove

The CDO: the unsung champion of GDPR

The first service of an GDPR notice – to analytics firm AggregateIQ for its controversial use of voter data – reinforced the severity and significance of GDPR for organisations worldwide. Though the M...

15 Jan 2019