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Keith Stanton

Tipping point - when simplicity is not enough in a fraud system

For at least the last three decades, fraud monitoring of transactions and portfolios has been a cornerstone of protecting the brand, be it for scheme, bank or consumer reputation. There have been a nu...

24 Mar 2019
Financial Risk Management
Keith Stanton

Card Fraud in Europe - it's still increasing

In September last year – the ECB produced its first report on Card Fraud since 2015. It is unusual to see a public report that covers all of Europe and there are some interesting viewpoints to be take...

17 Mar 2019
Financial Risk Management
Keith Stanton

Once more unto the breach

Once again data breaches have made headlines globally, bringing significant negative publicity, impacting consumers who have had their data compromised and prompting the public to question just how sa...

07 Oct 2016
Keith Stanton

Old Fraud, New Techniques - Skimming has never gone away

Earlier this year, the European ATM Security Team (EAST) reported on a criminal gang that had been apprehended, who were known to use "Ghost Terminals"; a standard point of Sale (POS) termin...

09 Oct 2015
Keith Stanton

The Challenge of Customer Screening

Financial institutions are required by law to know their customers (KYC), and refuse services to any party involved in financing terrorism or money laundering. Unfortunately regulations are open to in...

18 Sep 2015
Keith Stanton

The Threat from Within - Internal Fraud

There have been a number of news reports this month in the UK around incidents of internal fraud within banks and other corporations. Coincidently, a number of research establishments and industry bod...

14 Aug 2015