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Duena Blomstrom

NatWest - our Love Hate Relationship

Regulation – one of the most heated (and arguably “hated”) words in banking. While it’s there to protect our collective money, it’s also the scape goat for all the things we failed the consumer with. ...

20 Oct 2017
Duena Blomstrom

Goodbye, Santander! The end of a banking love affair

My love affair with Santander began many years ago when I started meeting some of their amazing people at the start of my journey of selling them Meniga's PFM. Over time many of those people became fr...

19 Oct 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Breaking news: Experts say you can save instead of spending!

Just as I was about to move away from my tentative foray in the psychology of saving I was exploring the other week, my eye was caught by a Google alert about a newspaper article that rapidly brought ...

26 Jul 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Spenders and Savers

Following my call for action of a few articles ago I’ve decided to do something about it. Since the industry won’t listen to me faster and set up new ways of studying how their customers truly feel ab...

18 Jul 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Emotional Banking Crusade Revelations: Bankers

This was going to be an up-in-arms Brexit post but I’ll spare you all that (on this particular blog) and focus on something that transcends geography and get back to The Emotional Banking Crusade Reve...

27 Jun 2016
Duena Blomstrom

I am a Banker - therefore I lie

While I came up with the Emotional Banking concept a few years ago, it’s only been a year now that I’ve waved my banking-change crusader flag and inflicted my indignation of banks not caring about the...

13 Jun 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Dear Bankers - feelings make bank

Tapping into emotions and driving positive ones through addictively delightful interactions- pays. That’s why you need to be a brand. No seriously, I know I’ve been repeating this like a broken record...

17 May 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Banks in the UK may be wasting 400M GBP a year

Banks need to Switch off Switching and Switch into the Consumer Instead To those of you who read me before it will sound strange that after I spent so long complaining about the fact that people do no...

05 May 2016
Duena Blomstrom

Open Letter to the Challenger Bank Reloaded

Dear Challenger Bank, Me again. Clench away. I know you didn't like this last one I wrote for you. I also know that while you've tried to ignore it because let's face it, "FCA meetings", s...

28 Sep 2015
Duena Blomstrom

Invisible Banking - Challenger Banks - do they know their Tom?

To me "Invisible Banking" is what we all deserve and would be ecstatic to have. It's the concept of banking happening in the background, empowering your Money Moments (TM) and ensuring your ...

21 Sep 2015
Duena Blomstrom

Money Moments, cash and why nobody cares about Bitcoin

Let's get something clear. People don't think of banking. If you're reading this and frowning, chances are you're in Financial Services. They don't. They don't even think of their banks leave alone th...

08 Sep 2015
Duena Blomstrom

Bank Branding's Magic Bullet - Another CxO

This will be short but definitely not sweet. Then again if you are reading one of my articles expecting the latter your segmenting is off. After all I've been writing in the last two weeks about Banks...

17 Aug 2015