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Richard Broadbent

Treating fraudsters to a taste of AI medicine

Fraud is an issue that remains constant in the financial services sector. It creates trust problems between consumers and FIs, it can discourage consumer uptake of new services and it’s expensive for ...

05 Jul 2018
Richard Broadbent

Is AI a fad or reality for financial services today?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to impact our lives faster than we can imagine. From Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, which is now in over five million homes, to online shopping recommendati...

16 Mar 2018
Richard Broadbent

How customers are changing the banking industry

As both a banking customer, and a software professional, I can’t help but notice that the financial services industry is going through a period of unprecedented change at the moment. In my day job, I ...

17 Jan 2018
Richard Broadbent

Winning hearts and minds - with tomorrow's bank branch

One of the biggest questions in modern banking is how branches can maintain their relevance in an increasingly digital age. Usage of mobile and internet banking has grown exponentially, but bank branc...

28 Jul 2017
Richard Broadbent

What will the branch network of the future look like?

Like companies in many industries, financial institutions are under pressure to chart a new course by reshaping their business models to compete in a world of changing customer expectations. There is...

05 May 2017
Richard Broadbent

Is effective cash management the missing link for improving in-branch journeys?

These are challenging times for retail banking operations. The entire financial services industry is undergoing drastic changes - increased regulation, the development of new services, a serious push ...

17 Feb 2017
Richard Broadbent

From contactless to compliance: preparation is crucial for the next stage of the payments revolution

It’s incredible how quickly new technologies change consumer habits. Looking back, the arrival of the ATM clearly meant consumers could get access to cash 24/7 but what it really changed was their exp...

19 Jan 2017
Richard Broadbent

Tapping into customer experience of the 20th century

As a consumer today, we expect our banks to know us when we walk through the door and advancements in technology should be making this easier. When I started my working life in the early 90’s, the bra...

15 Dec 2016
Richard Broadbent

Customer service for the technology obsessed

Digital technologies have been driving the evolution of customer service over the last few years and this is rapidly changing the way financial organisations, and their customers, think about customer...

17 Nov 2016
Richard Broadbent

Ensuring the security of self-service

Last year more than 18,700 attacks were reported on Europe’s ATMs - that’s nearly 1 in 20 ATMs impacted by security breaches and that doesn’t include those that go unreported. As the demand for cash r...

20 Oct 2016
Richard Broadbent

Customer satisfaction doesn’t have to be a banking stumbling block

The wind of change is starting to blow through financial services. With a few exceptions, customers of banks are quite often an unhappy bunch. Just looking at some of the latest research on current ac...

06 Oct 2016
Richard Broadbent

Converting seamless customer experience to customer loyalty

In response to the increasing demands of today’s always connected consumer, the term customer experience has become more than a simple buzzword. Used as a key brand differentiator for all types of ind...

04 Aug 2016