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Alex Letts

Why I said No to a Bitcoin debit card

I got a call from a trusted chum who has been a wonderful source of advice and inspiration to me in building our non-bank for the credit impaired. He is London-based, progressive, innovative and fear...

06 Dec 2017
Alex Letts

Why the banking model could break the UK economy. Part Two.

In Part One I wrote about the problem with the UK banking model and why it undermines the UK economy. In summary, banks need to lend to make their current account model work; this helps a lot of peopl...

31 Jul 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Alex Letts

Why the banking model could break the UK economy. Part One.

25 JUL 2017 Disclaimers: I am not a disinterested commentator. At my company, we compete with the model of the banks. We are not anti-borrowing. People need to borrow to fund all sorts of things in t...

25 Jul 2017
Fintech innovation and startups
Alex Letts

Moral decision-time for the Big Banks

So, imagine you are CEO of a major British bank. You’ve got a problem to wrestle to the ground. Who do you really want to have as your customers? It’s not as easy as saying “anyone”, (which is the

15 Jul 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Alex Letts

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30 May 2017
Innovation in Financial Services
Alex Letts

APR: A Pile of Rubbish?

Don't know your APR from your EAR? Well maybe it's time for a human-friendly explanation of all the lending acronyms which, I reckoned, would only take a few minutes to write. It has taken 3 days to m...

13 Dec 2016
Alex Letts

Our Aging Rock Stars

The omni-talent Jeff Lynne fronted his new ELO tour at the O2 arena and the crowd was made up the 50-plus generation. The show was sublime. Lynne’s replaying of old ELO classics was a journey back i...

21 Apr 2016
Alex Letts


Who would want to be the CEO of a major UK bank? Listening to Ross McEwan of RBS speak at a recent dinner, you could only imagine that he is looking forward to handing over the reins to the next maso...

24 Feb 2016
Alex Letts

When is a Bank a Not-a-Bank?

There is a right old buzz about the new wave of “challenger banks “and “non-banks”. But what you won’t find is much about what this means. What is going on? Which are banks? Which are not? And i...

20 May 2015
Alex Letts

They Think It's All Over

Of course I’m gonna bang the drum. But my subjectivity can’t obscure the runaway train of full-on total banking market disruption. It has left the station. It is hurtling towards the banks who are,...

16 Jan 2015
Alex Letts

Turkeys Never Vote for Christmas

In an obscure corner of the Government website is a strange little document. I...

17 Dec 2014
Alex Letts

When 'Free banking' means 'charges of eight hundred pounds'

The most predictable question I get in investment meetings is “why would anyone pay for a Ffrees current account, when UK current account banking is already free?” It’s not smart to sigh at this point...

09 Dec 2014