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Anthony Pickup

Are 'Gestures' and your 'Gait' the future to securing transactions?

About a year ago I read news that researchers have devises how to make how we walk protect private information opens up an interesting use of biometric data. (

11 Jul 2019
Futuristic Banking
Anthony Pickup

What is holding back commercial eID services?

The recent article[1] about the UK governments attempts to facilitate eID for government services being handed to the private sector made me think what is holding the eID market back? With mobile pho...

08 Feb 2019
Anthony Pickup

Bio-metrics lowering friction in payments

Reading an article of linking facial recognition systems to in-store payments made me think about where next for biometrics in payments in the real world[1]. Payments at the highest level is one entit...

13 Nov 2018
Anthony Pickup

What is next for ATMs as retail payment technologies evolve?

I was asked recently to predict the future for ATMs (Auto Teller Machines) and the services they will provide. I approached this by looking back at what has driven the development of the ATM hardware ...

23 Feb 2018
Futuristic Banking
Anthony Pickup

Can a new entrant be a threat to the big card schemes?

Stumbling on news that a new payment network Satispay[1] from Italy gaining significant FINTECH investment. Looking at other payment schemes I wondered what made this so attractive to invest 27m Eur...

29 Sep 2017
Anthony Pickup

Are the final pieces of the Cardless cash access jigsaw appearing?

There has been interesting news with a major banking platform offering Cardless Cash at ATM’s[1]. Having worked alongside the RBS project in 2006 to launch access to emergency cash in 2007 whist wor...

14 Jul 2017
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Anthony Pickup

How PSD2 and GDPR may improve retail payments for all

How PSD2 and GDPR may improve retail payments for all? Following my time setting up a new community bank (credit union) on an out sourced banking platform to UK consumers I have been watching the deve...

16 Jun 2017
Financial Services Regulation
Anthony Pickup

Why do some retailers prefer CASH?

Whilst visiting a friend in Leigh on Sea I saw a sign that showed cash is still king. A ‘10% discount for cash sales above £3’ was offered at a pharmacy. This was interesting because we have been see...

18 May 2015
Anthony Pickup

The impact of the Apple Watch on Apple Pay on In-store payments?

With the launch of the Apple Watch on the 24th April and its support for Apple Pay, one question is; “Will customers prefer the Apple Watch over the iPhone 6 for in-store Apple Pay purchasing?” A surv...

06 May 2015
Anthony Pickup

Are SEPA Cards Standardisation - Functional Requirements out of date before they are agreed?

Following the publication of these functional requirements[1] and the rapidly changing technology available there is a risk the document is out of date before it is agreed The document as one may exp...

20 Apr 2015
Anthony Pickup

Ubiquitous Authentication a decades old problem for the NOW generation.

In the 1960’s the user name and password system for accessing computer systems was first deployed. In mid 1970’s the ATM card and PIN was first deployed and this evolved into the now ubiquitous ATM ca...

27 Mar 2015
Anthony Pickup

Could regulation changes drive the adoption of mobile payments on all channels?

Recently on the BBC consumers affairs program highlighted complaints being raised by small UK retailers of the costs from transactions where card details are reported lost or stolen after the transact...

27 Feb 2015