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Steve Ellis

The social angle on Money2020

Social is a big part of Money2020 (in both senses). In a moment of mid-conference early morning jetlag I thought I'd run some numbers to see how much noise is being generated, by whom and to what impa...

04 Nov 2014
Steve Ellis

Fintech marketers most fear the enemy within?

Earlier this year we sponsored a piece of research by Finextra into the challenges and issues facing fintech marketers. One of my favourite insights is that fintech marketers fear their dependency up...

28 Oct 2014
Steve Ellis

A look inside the heads of 34 expert fintech analysts

We asked the smartest analysts and influencers in fintech: what does 2014 hold in store for the world of financial technology? We got back 34 insightful perspectives on the year ahead, covering everyt...

16 Jan 2014
Steve Ellis

Coinye West: Bitcoin's first celeb branded currency?

Just when you thought the world of Bitcoin might be sobering up for January like the rest of us, comes the news that rapper Kanje West is being celebrated with his own Bitcoin issue - to be known as C...

03 Jan 2014
Steve Ellis

Social channels: a lightning rod for the whole bank?

Last week the UK's Cooperative Bank rolled out a well constructed social marketing campaign. Designed to use social platforms to amplify the voice of customer advocates, the campaign was the very epit...

30 Sep 2013
Steve Ellis

Kim and Kanye christen baby North not Nat; West that is

Apologies for the headline. NatWest Bank caused a minor ripple through social media today - no, not another network fail - they cracked a joke, on Twitter no less. See below... Not sure if the NatWest...

21 Jun 2013
Steve Ellis

Wall Street Prison Consultants

It's good to know that there is a support infrastructure for these challenging times. Should you - or a friend - need help, go to Hat tip: Wade

13 Mar 2009
Steve Ellis


Following on from Paul's post, effigy burning is obviously a step much too far. Without question. But for those with a robust sense of humour (and that definitely includes my friends who work in banks...

27 Feb 2009
Steve Ellis

Maybe you could be at next year's Oscars

Well perhaps, that is if you take up Michael Moore's invitation to help him out with his next film project. < I am looking for a few brave people who work on Wall Street or in the financial indust...

23 Feb 2009
Steve Ellis

Transparent Bank Corp.? Will it fly?

Couple of interesting, not unrelated stories. Mr Jeff Jarvis gets a knock back for a new style of bank while in Davos. Whereas Mr Barack Obama applies a salary cap to failed bank execs. Is there a...

05 Feb 2009
Finance 2.0
Steve Ellis

A Poster Child for 419 victims

This Canadian news story has provided a human face - that of a John Rempel - for the people who fall prey to 419 phishing scams. Sadly his unbelievable gullibility (or is that stupidity) doesn't gene...

19 Jan 2009
Steve Ellis

Dick Hardt: Mr Identity 2.0 joins Microsoft

Given the subject of identity comes up fairly frequently within the Finx blogs, especially in relation to security, it may be of interest to know that Microsoft has hired Dick Hardt to support its eff...

10 Dec 2008
Finance 2.0