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Luke Trigg

Waiting for the sun to set on LIBOR or being proactive? See regulation as an opportunity for change

Document remediation projects are not new. Anyone working in Capital Markets in recent years can probably describe the steps involved as they tend to be similar each time. Recent battle scars in the...

29 Jul 2019
Banking Regulations
Luke Trigg

The future of financial contract documentation

The legal industry is ripe for an injection of modern technology and that has not gone unnoticed by myriad start-ups all vying to bring the revolution. Creating better ways of doing things is often th...

14 Sep 2017
Fintech innovation and startups
Luke Trigg

Margin reform for uncleared derivatives: ensure you build on solid foundations

The upcoming regulations for uncleared derivatives have banks with large concentrations of contracts facing a daunting re-papering task. Help is at hand from a number of full-service vendors, law, ...

11 Jul 2016
Luke Trigg

FinTech in the cloud: are Industry Utilities the new reality?

Industry utilities are fast becoming the new reality in the post financial crisis banking arena, with Know Your Client (KYC) and Collateral Management initiatives already in progress. The main driver...

17 Nov 2015
Luke Trigg

Financial contract data capture - thought you were done, well think again!

In early March the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a consultation paper outlining draft regulatory standards for the minimum set of data that institutions should hold on their contracts wit...

24 Apr 2015
Luke Trigg

Small Data - it's not Big...but it is clever

Natural language document processing of counterparty contracts sounds like another Big Data problem, but at its heart this is really about very ‘Small Data’. Banks are interested in a solution to assi...

19 Sep 2014
Luke Trigg

The 'million dollar spreadsheet'

Much has been written about the pressures on banks in a highly regulated post-crisis market. Less discussed are the myriad of operational challenges that have since emerged, creating new layers of com...

19 Aug 2013