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We’re about to find out what happens when Socialism meets crypto

23 February 2018  |  4106 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Petro, Venezuela: Who knows what will happen. President Nicolas Maduro, the socialist autocrat who managed to take Venezuela from a prosperous democracy to a nation on the brink of collapse, launched a cryptocurrency this week, designed – he claims – to solve the country’s economic woes. Those are not woes that most of us would be familiar with: e...

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eComms is changing, and so is compliance - are you?

22 February 2018  |  3665 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

The convergence of communications and collaboration tools has created an increasingly complex set of interactions among multiple parties over a wide range of channels. The challenge for regulated enterprises is not only how to capture these messages and immutably store them in a useful format, but also to do so in a way that enables them to comply...

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Could you take advantage of the ISA loophole that’ll be closed by 6th April

20 February 2018  |  3039 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

If you are currently saving into a Help to Buy ISA, you could increase what’s in your pot with a £1,100 bonus, if you transfer into a Lifetime ISA (LISA) before this tax year is out. A loophole means...

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Cryptojacking: The terrifying cyber threat none of us have heard of

16 February 2018  |  4683 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 3

This week, it was revealed that over 4,000 websites, including the NHS, the US government’s court system, Manchester.gov.uk, the Student Loans Company and the Financial Ombudsman Service have all bee...

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Time to take GDPR seriously

14 February 2018  |  7171 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Whilst the transition to digital has brought countless benefits to businesses, almost every organisation runs the risk of losing or corrupting sensitive data, either through accidental, or malicious i...

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