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Michael Wright

Counter Point to 'Banks are Struggling with Email'

John Safa's opinion piece entitled 'Banks are struggling with email' presented a single lens to the topic. Here is an alternative viewpoint. Banks are not 'struggling' with email, indeed they are inc...

02 Feb 2017
Michael Wright

Google, Digital Mailboxes and the long tail of eBilling

I'm actively following the PR hype about Digital Mailboxes (you know - one place to get/save all my financial documents) – just waiting for Google (through Gmail) to announce its intentions in this sp...

28 Feb 2013
Michael Wright

The 2012 Billentis eBilling, eInvoicing Report

The essence of 2012: Billentis eBilling & eInvoicing Report The 2012 Billentis eBilling & eInvoicing Report has been released. This is my interpretation of the findings as well as some of the ...

26 Apr 2012
Michael Wright

eBilling adoption rates, what's a realistic goal for 2012?

As an eBilling practitioner, the bad news is that you are probably falling short of your target numbers. The good news is that it’s not your fault - but this may not prevent you from getting the axe. ...

15 Mar 2012
Michael Wright

Will PDF will be the saviour of eBilling and eInvoicing

For many years I have written about why PDF is the ideal process for eBilling and eInvoicing alike. The proof is in the adoption statistics – ‘push’ email billing solutions produce double or triple th...

01 Mar 2012
Michael Wright

Pitiful adoption of eStatements

In the recent Forrester report “Paperless Plight: Growing Resistance Outpaces Adoption” the survey of 3554 online adults revealed that only 24% had switched off paper bank statements. This is a pitif...

28 Nov 2010
Michael Wright

eBilling - E-invoicing : Lost in translation

What struck me most about the Deutsche Bank Research into e-invoicing was the fundamental lack of distinction between B2B and B2C electronic billing processes, all of which have been grouped togeth

13 May 2010
Michael Wright

I've been Phished, Again !

With half of the Internet users in the UK now banking online (UK Payments Administration, Jan 2010), it’s hardly surprising that phishing is on the rise. As new customers migrate to more convenient b...

20 Jan 2010
Michael Wright

Carrot or Stick? T-Mobile gets sued...

In the eBilling world the debate over the use of the stick or carrot is now the hottest topic. Especially with the recent class action suite against T-Mobile. The reason for the uproar is T-Mobile's

10 Sep 2009
Michael Wright

Why eBilling has failed - and how to fix it !

B2C eBilling has failed. In its many guises (Electronic Billing, EBPP, Paperless Billing), ebilling has been around for many years now, yet adoption rates continue to fall dismally short of expectati...

27 Jan 2009