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René Hendrikse

Why the Zoom cat filter raises banking security questions

Since the onset of pandemic, digital tools have been a means of survival across many industries. Remote working, distance learning, online shopping, virtual GP appointments, and even digital court hea...

25 Mar 2021
Digital Identity Management
René Hendrikse

Lockdown 3.0 shopping: building trust with customers

While the Christmas rush may be over, with 51.3m transactions recorded by the Post Office in December, the arrival of Lockdown 3.0 means online shopping will continue to be on the rise yet again. As n...

28 Jan 2021
The future of Payments in Europe
René Hendrikse

Could selfies be the key to fighting COVID-19 fraud?

From social media scams to fake government texts, phishing links in business emails and false phone calls, fraud has risen sharply since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 2,500 scams had b...

23 Jun 2020
Digital Identity Management
René Hendrikse

Curing the KYC compliance challenge with AI

Jokingly dubbed "deal prevention units" by some front-office staff, compliance teams now have the third most-stressful City jobs after that of an investment banker and a trader. Pre-crisis, ...

04 Feb 2020
Financial Services Regulation
René Hendrikse

Identity technology in the sharing economy

Arguably, the sharing economy may have shrunk our ‘small worlds’ even further. We can now easily book ourselves a stay in the home of ‘trustworthy’ strangers, pick up someone else’s ‘off-the-road’ car...

23 Aug 2019
René Hendrikse

PSD2: It's Time For Digital Banking And E-Commerce To Innovate

Like many recent inventions, digital banking and e-commerce have made our lives substantially better. Designed to save time and money, they’ve empowered consumers, created thriving marketplaces and al...

16 Aug 2019
René Hendrikse

Identity technology and Dublin’s draw for fintech firms post-Brexit

The appointment of Gabriel Makhlouf as the 12th governor of the Central Bank of Ireland earlier this year hasn’t gone unnoticed. Until recently the top official in New Zealand’s treasury, he will be t...

09 Aug 2019
Banking Regulations