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Kevin Day

How to prevent factoring and invoice finance fraud during the current COVID-19 crisis

In the current period of economic uncertainty, increasing pressure on businesses is making fraudulent activity an ever-present risk for lenders – a trend not only troubling for the affected company or...

13 Oct 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Kevin Day

Innovation in supply chain finance is vital during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on our inter-connected economies and businesses has been significant, putting supply chains around the world under unprecedented pressure and severely disrupting global trade. U...

28 Apr 2020
Kevin Day

Technology can help close the trillion dollar trade-finance gap - and help banks in the process

Trade finance has delivered value over centuries by making sure exporters are paid and importers actually receive the goods they need. It facilitates 80 per cent of merchandise trade flows annually. B...

11 Nov 2019
Kevin Day

European ABF and Factoring: Why France and Germany are the markets to watch

Asset-based finance (ABF) globally is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to global factoring association FCI, last year the industry recorded high single-digit growth rates, with total ABF l...

20 May 2019
Kevin Day

The Collaboration Game

I was recently on a panel session at the RFIx Receivables Finance International Convention in London. We were discussing the future of receivable finance and, inevitably, conversation turned to the fo...

09 Apr 2019
Kevin Day

Top tips for asset based finance lenders in minimising their risk

Like all areas of financial services, asset based lending and invoice factoring bring with them a raft of inherent risks that banks and providers must face and ensure are minimised to protect both the...

12 Mar 2019
Kevin Day

Top tips for financial institutions looking to address fraud in invoice financing

Despite new technologies and processes aiming to help root out fraudulent activity, fraud continues to be a major issue for the asset-based finance (ABF) industry. Only last year UK-based invoice fina...

29 Jan 2019