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Sophia Brooke

Why Predictive Analytics in Banking Is Transformational

The banking sector struggles with two contradicting challenges. First, it needs to adopt the latest technologies to stay competitive and fight fraud. Second, it still has to hold on to legacy systems,...

03 Dec 2019
Sophia Brooke

The Transformational Role of AI in Finance

More than 60 years have passed since artificial intelligence was a daring concept at Dartmouth –°ollege which only got half of the requested funding. Right now, AI is a $9.5 billion industry, projected...

29 Sep 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Sophia Brooke

Is the Financial Sector Ready for Innovation with Computer Vision?

What if computers had eyes like us and they could understand what they saw? That is the bet behind AI-powered computer vision. While streaming video from a set of cameras to a computer is already deca...

28 Oct 2018
Innovation in Financial Services
Sophia Brooke

Why Business Intelligence Turns CFOs into Strategic Advisors

Increasingly, companies are striving to be data-driven. Decisions are not only informed by data but are made precisely because of data. This enables companies to make more prudent and productive decis...

04 Jun 2018
Business Knowledge for IT
Sophia Brooke

How AR Is Changing the Dynamics of Customer Experience in Banking

Hundreds of millions of mobile devices will have augmented reality (AR) capabilities by the end of 2018, Google predicts. The mass adoption of the technology is bound to have a pronounced effect on v...

30 May 2018
Digital Banking Trends
Sophia Brooke

Is AI The Right Fuel For Fintech?

The banking and financial industry have always been early adopters of the latest tech gadgets, in the hope that these investments would grant them a competitive advantage, a cost reduction or improved...

13 May 2018
Sophia Brooke

The Future of Blockchain, and How It Goes Over Cryptocurrency

It was bitcoin that introduced blockchain to the world, but the technology goes beyond this cryptocurrency. Businesses are looking to process data and manage their transactions more efficiently and se...

30 Apr 2018
Blockchain Observations
Sophia Brooke

Top 5 Critical Issues for Testing Mobile Banking Apps

The number of smartphones users worldwide is expected to grow from 1.8 billion in 2015 to an estimated 2.87 billion users in 2020 according to Statista. In the meantime, the number of people who have ...

23 Apr 2018
Online Banking