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Deborah O'Neill

Why robots and AI will never rule banking

Around the UK, alarm is growing from a belief that robots are taking away jobs. This fear is misplaced. From the steam-powered cotton mills of the industrial revolution to the rise of ATMs in the 1970...

10 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Wayne Ross

Embracing monolith modernisation

Technology in banking has moved out of the back office and is now central to all that a bank does. In the digital age, technology enables a good customer experience that is fundamental to banking succ...

11 h
Konstantin Rabin

Is it ethical for private companies to create currency?

We cannot deny the fact that Libra is one of the largest Fintech projects currently being undertaken in the world. It is also one of the most criticized projects that Facebook has ever considered for ...

16 h
Innovation in Financial Services
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Blockchain: the Ten Commandments for CIOs

In my last blog about Gartner and Blockchain I mentioned the importance of the role of CIOs. They are supposed to play a leading role in determining if this technology could be of use for their busine...

17 Oct 2019
Blockchain Observations
John Jannes

Best Execution in the US: Three Things Broker-Dealers Need to Think About

As we head into 2020, US broker-dealers are preparing for new mandates on how they report transactions back to customers. The requirements – established by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SE...

17 Oct 2019
Financial Services Regulation
Matthew Phillips

The evolution of fraud and security - Is it a numbers game or can it be calculated?

Financial services remain a favoured target of skilled cybercriminals, which has left the industry scrambling to keep pace. Yet, if we consider the recent advancements in technologies such as artifici...

17 Oct 2019
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
M. Arthur Gillis

Take a Fresh Look at USA-based Core Systems Vendors

In 2016, I took a sabbatical after PDFing 464 electronic pages of "Automation in Banking - 2016." The report wasn't perfect, but even the Financial Management system I built for the Strateg...

16 Oct 2019
Jayanth Jagadeesh

The curious case of Online Banking

Are mobile apps making online banking obsolete? Statistics paint a different narrative. Today, we live in an extremely connected-world; one in which smartphones are near-ubiquitous, and access-to-int

16 Oct 2019
Online Banking
Konstantin Rabin

Could banks become redundant in the future?

After so much development in the Fintech space due to the progression of “private banks” all over the digital world, many entrepreneurs have started to base their Fintech startups on the premise that ...

16 Oct 2019
Online Banking
James Stickland

Passwordfree vs. passwordless authentication: the vital differences

Not only do people not like using passwords, but there’s consensus in the identity and access management space that they are not the most secure way to protect data. Look at this year’s Verizon Data I...

15 Oct 2019
Amy T

Important Technology Trends in the Life Insurance Sector

The life insurance sector is currently being affected by technological disruption, as new digital technologies force insurance firms to either adapt and change the way they interact with their custome...

15 Oct 2019
Blockchain Observations
Jesse Champagne

Reward Your Most Valuable Asset This Holiday Season With An Employee Incentive Card

Loyal employees are the most valuable asset a company can have. What are YOU doing to show your employees that you value and appreciate them? This holiday season, make sure you reward and recognize yo...

15 Oct 2019