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Eugene Buckley

Wanted: Visionary treasurers to execute

Recently, I was in Ireland visiting my extended family in the beautiful and rugged West Cork coast. By luck and good fortune, we were decamped at a cousin’s place in Kinsale for five uninterrupted day...

5 h
Treasury Management
Breana Patel

5 Ways Chief Risk Officers Must Pivot Their Role

In the midst of U.S. midterm election results, the public witnessed various instances of new leadership arising in a changing political climate. Just as politicians learn to pivot their stances to bes...

17 h
Financial Risk Management
Robert Siciliano

How To Determine a Fake Website

There are a lot of scammers out there, and one of the things they do is create fake websites to try to trick you into giving them personal information. Here are some ways that you can determine if a w...

22 h
Kirsty Berry

Loyalty and banks: a marriage of convenience?

The results of a survey released by Valassis this week revealed that almost a third of US consumers don’t feel any loyalty to their bank, with 10% of respondents planning to switch their bank within a...

22 h
Henry Woodcock

Mortgage technology in 2019 - hype versus reality. Part 1

Technology based predictions often appear to veer from, “really” will that happen? to disrupting paradigm shifts that can catch traditional players out. We should be wary of accepting every prediction...

22 Jan 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Dharmesh Mistry

Conversational Banking Landscape

Conversational interfaces are gaining momentum both in banking and pretty much every other industry. However the landscape of technology to support can be confusing and complex. The framework pictured...

22 Jan 2019
Freddie McMahon

CHATBOTS: The digitalisation of knowledge through a new lens

79% of executives now believe seamless and digital access to knowledge is very important to overall business performance. Executives understand that there is too much dependency upon knowledge in peop...

22 Jan 2019
Digital Banking Trends
Omar Janabi

Due Diligence: The Foundation of any Successful M&A Deal in 2019

Amid the rising complexity of M&A, the simple adage of ‘failing to prepare, then preparing to fail’ is as true today, as it always has been. That is because due diligence, the time and resource in...

22 Jan 2019
Ivy Schmerken

Consolidated Market Data Feeds Gain Traction in Algo Trading and Fixed Income

Broker dealers and high-frequency trading firms have complained about U.S. stock exchanges charging high fees for direct data feeds, accusing the exchanges of having a monopoly and demanding transpare...

22 Jan 2019
Capital Markets Technology
Maxson Tee

Five top tips for Fintech app developers

As more banks look to distribute new Fintech apps that integrate with core banking services as part of their platform strategies, opportunities for developers to respond with new apps are on the rise....

21 Jan 2019
Paul White

Innovation About to Overtake Regulation - Fuelled by Regulation

For several years, the narrative in financial technology has essentially argued, “The post-crisis period and its focus on heavy regulation is over. Enter Innovation.” That narrative was born of—and re...

21 Jan 2019
Jesse Champagne

Checks Are Dying, And Prepaid Is Thriving

Say goodbye to the check, because their days as a widely used method of payment are numbered. Thanks to ever-improving technology, electronic payments can be made easier, faster, and more securely tha...

21 Jan 2019