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Keith Richbell

Is this an early 'April Fool' story?

A gaming company moving into banking? Is this really what the world of Financial Services needs? Odious creeps selling the social cancer of gambling into another aspect of our lives? What will their m...

3 h
Keith Richbell

What a joke

Lloyd Dorman must be spinning in his super yacht! The entire management team of Travelex (a name that will forever sound like a treatment for travellers diarrhoea) should resign in shame. FX must be c...

3 h
Michael Litwin

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8 h
Bigger than Technology
Konstantin Rabin

Largest online lending technology investments of 2019

A big part of why fintechs are taking up so much of the space in the financial industry is because of their lending practices. Online lending technology combines all the positive attributes that finte...

13 h
Joris Lochy

PSD2 - 10 questions requiring an answer - Here is a shot on an answer.

A bit more than 3 months ago, I submitted the blog "PSD2 - 10 questions I would like to see a clear answer on" (

16 Jan 2020
SEPA and European Payments
Matthew Key

2020 predictions for retail banking

The retail banking industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years, driven by technology advances and regulatory evolution, including the UK Open Banking rules as well as its Europe...

16 Jan 2020
Digital Banking Trends
Andrew Bud

2020 predictions for biometrics and digital identity

I think there are few more exciting sectors than biometrics and digital identity in 2020, and it's a privilege to be in the midst of it all. Many of the themes that we’ve talked about for years, from ...

16 Jan 2020
Konstantin Rabin

How Fintechs are disrupting tax reporting services

In discussions around fintechs, we often discuss various financial services but taxation is often left out of the conversation. While the benefits of fintechs that cover the unbanked are unanimously c...

16 Jan 2020
Finance 2.0
Sheza Gary

What is the Likely Direction of EUR and GBP Pair

Forex rates are fickle, and subject to whipsaw pricing at any given time. The EUR/GBP currency pair is a case in point. On June 23, 2016, Britons voted for Brexit, gaining a slight majority over their...

16 Jan 2020
Trends in Financial Services
Jonathan Westley

Two years later and Open Banking is putting consumers firmly in control of their finances

Two years on from the launch of Open Banking in the UK and we’ve seen a wave of innovation which has transformed the way we all manage, move and make the most of our money. Experian is behind many of ...

15 Jan 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Alex Kreger

How Customer Centricity Dictates the Business Success in the Digital age

There are two different approaches to gain business success. One worked in the recent past and the other works in the digital present. Marketing age In the recent past, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goo...

15 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Sachin Goel

Sibos 2019- A look back and Guidance for Banking 2020

In last three years, Sibos has been to three different continents with three different time zones. From Toronto to Sydney and now in London, the event is more popular than ever with record number of p...

15 Jan 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation