27 September 2016

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Steve GrobFidessa - London

Blockchain is the answer but not in the way you think

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Barely a week goes by without yet another announcement heralding a new blockchain initiative in capital markets. It almost seems that if you are the CIO of a major financial institution and you don’t have a blockchain project underway then you simply have nothing to talk about at dinner parties any more. But what is really going on is that these f...

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Thomas JorgensenEncap Security - Oslo

The Norwegian Prime Minister, facial recognition and risk scoring

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Leaving the office last week to grab some lunch, I passed an acquaintance on the way out of the building. I, naturally, smiled and said a friendly hello. Except it wasn’t an acquaintance. It was someone I’d never met before: Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg. This is likely to be a common experience for Ms Solberg, her face instantly recognisab...

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Nanda Kumar
Nanda KumarSunTec Business Solutions - Trivandrum

Sibos Day One roundup - D-Day for Banks -

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This year’s Sibos in Geneva wrapped its first day with more innovation than ever. The buzzwords which dominated this year; were 'The Three Ds' Digitisation, Disruption, and the newly minted Distribut...

Dennis Gada
Dennis GadaInfosys - Charlotte, North Carolina

Why banking passwords will soon disappear

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Banks, understandably concerned with improving security amidst rising investments in payment technologies, are turning to biometrics for an answer. It is estimated that the market for biometric identi...

David Donovan
David DonovanSapient Global Markets - Boston

What Kendrick Lamar can teach Financial Services about Cloud Adoption

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“A freeway, a gas pedal, and a peace of mind. To the cloud I go, cloud I go” Kendrick Lamar Cloud10 When Kendrick Lamar wrote his lyrics “To the cloud I go, cloud I go,” he might as well have been r

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Sara Feenan
Sara FeenanCapco - London

Blockchain in capital markets infrastructure: Now is the time for action

26 September 2016  |  4463 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

From automation of KYC and AML to elimination of archaic and onerous processes, we are presented with the opportunity to reshape and redesign the entire market infrastructure. Today’s capital markets...

TagsBlockchainTrade execution
Robert Schneider
Robert SchneiderSWIFT - Frankfurt Am Main

Build it and they will come - Corporates agree

26 September 2016  |  2589 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

As the annual SWIFT event Sibos, kicks off, it is very interesting to review the growth of the network, not just over the past year but back to 1999 when the network was opened up to the corporates s...

TagsSibosTransaction banking
Nanda Kumar
Nanda KumarSunTec Business Solutions - Trivandrum

Sibos returns to Europe and here’s what to expect

23 September 2016  |  5895 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Shorter days and longer nights are approaching fast. We may not be ready to let go of summer just yet, but the good news is there’s an exciting event season ahead of us - If your calendar is not set f...

Jane Tweddle
Jane TweddleSAP UK Limited - Feltham

How the Insurance Industry can Leverage the Potential of IoT

23 September 2016  |  5319 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

A recent report from TCS shows that the insurance industry is expected to spend $102.9million on IoT-related technology and solutions in 2018 alone, up from $77.7million in 2015. This huge growth in i...

Jane Tweddle
Jane TweddleSAP UK Limited - Feltham

Customer Insight Is the Financial Services Industry’s New Best Friend

23 September 2016  |  4600 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Across all industries customer insight is becoming ever more important for generating new and innovative offerings as well as driving flexibility in existing products, to improve customer experience. ...

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