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Fintech startups: A week in review

Y Combinator puts out an RFS (request for startups)

Y Combinator, the big fish in the accelerator pond, has put out a request in the form of a blog post. They want to ignite the spark in entrepreneurs’ minds with a few suggestions. Requests include: A startup with the potential to create a million jobs, a startup that will solve America’s broken healthcare system, and a tool that helps consumers invest and save better.

P2P lending breaks the $2 billion barrier

More evidence that P2P lending is growing at an unprecedented rate. AltfiData have revealed that the total amount lent by P2P lenders now stands at just over £2 billion. The market is growing exponentially, growing at a rate of 158% so says a report from Forbes.

What Scottish independence means for startups

Could a breakaway from the United Kingdom spell out danger for the Scottish startup scene? Geektime, a blog, reports that Young Company Finance Scotland polled tech firms on the upcoming referendum.  They revealed that a slight majority of 56% believe voting no is the best option. 15% call for yes, while 28% remain undecided.

Transferwise re-brand

International remittance big-hitters TransferWise have re-done their website, their iOS app and logo. A new ‘flag’ symbol looks to be a symbol of a rebellion, or perhaps union, against devilish bank fees.

Visa options for startup founders

If you’re thinking about getting involved in Silicon Valley, you’ll need to consider your visa options for entry into the States. The Next Web have compiled a list of various visa options for international founders.


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