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Apple is Planning to bring Big surprises in Q3

Apple is considered as one of the big name IT industry, it has developed and has always introduced many leading brands in the market. Apple products have always emerged in the market as most innovative and highly advanced products in the market. Apple is always considered as one of most effective driven force in market, and most of the smartphone manufacturing companies are affected from it. Continuing that trend in the market Apple is trying to live up to its expectation, According to recent news Apple is planning to bring new and amazing big surprises in the market to boost sales in Q3.

Apple has planned a lot to bring these big changes in the market, it has made collaboration with world’s leading brands in the market like purchase of Kinnect was something for future. According to news Apple is planning to bring major updates in iPhone, iPads, Apple TV and introduce new devices such as iWatch.   Apple is bring to introduce Apple iWatch in Q3, and according to rumors running on different forums and blogs,  iWatch is expected to  be launched in the market with colorful and attractive features, certainly better then Samsung watches etc. It is also expected that Apple with launch its premier product iphone in 5.5 inch size, which was expected to presented in market in Q1 of this year and later it was delayed.

According to recent Rumors running from KGI Report:

“It is expected that Apple will shift the power button from Top to the left or right side, and apple is planning to make this change to increase interactivity with its devices”.

And if we look at different rumors running in the market specially form iPhone app developers New York and iPhone app developers California, we can say that Apple iWatch is expected to arrive in the market in different colors and materials to attract different customers in the market. Also many markets experts have predicted that iphone 6 will come with better camera and application to attract maximum customers in the market and also to maxim strong competitive advantage in the market.

As apple has faced lot of difficulties in the iPad productions, many experts in the market have predicted that Apple will introduce iPad in 12.9” inches to gain maximum production and also to cope ever increasing demand of iPad in the market, as with iPhone , Apple is making this change to improve interactivity of the customers with its devices. 



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