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White men can't jump

I had to register a new card with Skype this morning (the old one expired).

Tried my newly minted Barclays Mastercard. At the first attempt, the transaction was aborted, without any explanation. Tried again. My second attempt resulted in some weird error message saying "Please complete the authorization process" followed by - on the same page (!) - "You cannot access this page".

This is so lame, And I am not talking about stylistics of "this" here (I *can* access "this page" as I am reading it, but *you* cannot show me on it what I need to see...)

In October 2013, you'd expect mighty MSFT to have nailed such basics as online card payments. What could be simpler? (My Amex card went through flawlessly, btw). Could someone at Braintree help Skype fix that problem, please. 

Talking of Braintree, those guys rock with their Venmo platform. Amex announced their support of Venmo yesterday (it's the other way round, actually!..) If you are in "mobile" space, DO have a look at Venmo. Yesterday.


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