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2012 contradictions

The world bank has recently published their six monthly GEP report showing interesting contradictions in growth across various regions. In the Eurozone of course we are looking at a recession of 0.3%, although given the strength of France and particularly Germany, one wonders what this means for Greece, Spain and Portugal. US growth will accelerate from 1.7% to 2.2% (2011/12) and Japan will pull itself out of a recession of 0.9% to growth of 1.9% this year (not sure I believe this one !). Developing countries growth will remain strong but on the whole a little weaker than last year. 

What a set of contrasting data and expectations. Indeed even this mixed set of predictions can be fully derailed by the collapse of the Euro or major defaults in Europe. 

For those of us who invest I believe it is back to basics: What really has intrinsic value and in which geography ?

For those of us in technology it is a year to mine the seams of value and be wary of any expectations on major capital expenditure. 

Above all else it is a time to be alert - remember your country needs lerts !


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