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The Need For Speed

Amidst much change on the world economic stage, the need for speed is one of the few constants in the financial services industry. Seeing, understanding and being able to act on change can make a difference of thousands, if not millions of pounds to traders, and although the technology industry can do little for human understanding, it can considerably enhance the former and latter categories.

There have been few innovations in the financial services industry since the plasma screen and fast Ethernet which have helped to speed up processing and transmission of data, but solid state storage is gradually looking to accelerate the way that we process information. Most people are familiar with flash drives, conventionally low-capacity USB sticks, but we are increasingly seeing solid-state hard drives within the enterprise, despite a high price tag.

These drives promise considerably enhanced data read/write speeds compared to traditional ‘spinning disc’ storage devices. Consequently, companies judiciously employing such devices in conjunction with a state-of-the-art IT estate can make sure that their teams have the fastest possible data access, making sure that they have an edge over the competitors. SSD drives are also more durable than standard hard drives, so they will last longer, providing better ROI – and with all of the uncertainty in the financial world, unreliable IT is the last thing that city workers need. 



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