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SEPA and the potential Euro fallout

The hush-hush on the street is Greece is out, Italy may go down, next in line could potentially be Spain and so on. The newspapers are ripe with the last minute reforms and short-term strategies to bail-out some of the largest economies within the Euro zone, steps like resignations of the top leaders and acceptence of reforms by some to save the seat.

I also looked within the street-o-sphere and came across huge investments made or earmarked for SEPA. Large players on the street like JP Morgan, Bank of America ML, Citi etc are investing huge sums from their books of accounts towards large scale payment services hubs towards complying to SEPA deadline by 2014. Instantly a question ringed my mind, is there a possibility that the 'E' in SEPA might not even see the light of 2014.

Today's technology office within majority of organisations is sitting with open wallets considering that the bad patch is over. Considering the businesses which got eroded during the period, they need to scale up to occupy the market lead positions. Result, faster budget approvals, money parked into buckets for the latest infra and services, which is good. A small example is SEPA, till a year ago, only a counted few were even thinking towards it and today many more have joined in and orchestrated teams across Geos to materialize it, coupled to the upcoming 2014 mandate.

What if, the Euro falls-out, what if the Eurozone considers roll back to the original currencies, is there any risk provisioning for this one. While it is yet to happen and governments are yet to decide whether there will be any adoption of Euro as a currency or will it be completely devalued, the technology office needs to reconsider the thinking, redo the business propositions and provision this risk.


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