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Presidents Club with our CRM System, Give me a Break!

Over the last few years that I have worked in Sales and I introduce my company and ask a simple CRM adoption question of the sales team and their chosen CRM system. These are some of the more interesting comments that I have had filtered back to me! I hope you enjoy them and if you have any of your own from the Fintech world then I would be pleased to hear them.

 "Why lie, I'm not getting rich using in its current form" 

 "I would rather wade through treacle rather than use our CRM System"

 "I ring through to the girl in the office and she seems happy enough updating my opportunities onto the system!"

 “If there was a choice between using our CRM System and nothing at all then I would take nothing as long as it's in a digital format!"

  "Siebel is so slow that I automatically double my sales cycle time anyway, so sales velocity isn't a problem if I don’t use it!"

 “Sales process what sales process, we do what we like and then management shout blue murder when it all goes wrong”

 “Oh yes we’ve got great looking dashboards in our CRM but they don’t get updated “

 "Presidents Club with our CRM System, Give me a Break!"

 “I have the sales process piece clear in my mind, putting it into the CRM would be repeating myself, won’t it?”


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