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Lord blah blah

Lord Hanningfiled, or Paul White to give him his birth name, has been convicted of fiddling his expenses to the tune of £14,000. What I find incredulous is how all of these lords and MP's are in complete denial. He's been found out on six counts of false accounting, not 1, but 6 and that’s only the ones it’s decided are worth prosecuting. He's been quoted as saying "I'm devastated but I have no regrets. I did nothing wrong" and "It is an allowance scheme, not a reimbursement scheme". The cheek of these people in public office beggar’s belief, even now, we the little men, the tax payers are expected to fund these idiots in the manner to which they are accustomed. On one occasion, the precious Lord had claimed for overnight accommodation in London when he was on an Indian bound airplane.

If it wasn't for the whistle blower who took his story to the Daily Telegraph all of this would still be continuing at great cost to the tax payer. Let’s just hope some one soon manages to topple the Euro gravy train.




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