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London's Evening Standard to launch pre-paid card

London newspaper The Evening Standard is launching a pre-paid contactless card that can be used as a substitute for cash when purchasing copies of the paper.

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Eros card - that's a top idea

There was some discussion in the office about why it was called Eros. When we twigged the reason and that you can't after all use it in Ann Summers it seemed less interesting.

Still I imagine early adopters out there can't wait to get a contactless pre-payment card just to buy a specific newspaper for slightly less than normal. I don't actually read the Evening Standard anyway so it may just be me but it seems a monumentally pointless exercise. Hey, figures are down - let's throw technology at it.

The free and slightly cheesy London Paper is my preferred reading on the tube if only for the lovestruck texts page: To the long haired beauty who gets the Northern Line from Waterloo every night at 6.02PM - I'm the craggy shy guy in the red tracksuit bottoms and green top who treads on your feet. Drink?


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