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Wondering if you should blog?

Blogging can be time consuming so we're certainly not expecting people to do it every day - although there are folk who do this

If you want to give it a try, as a gentle introduction you may like to comment on an existing blog post. You'll be prompted to login (if you haven't already) and then taken straight into our editor page. 

Blog about a Finextra story by clicking on the "comment on this now" link which you'll find on every news item.

Alternatively - you might like to try one of our more "social" communities. London food and drink for example. Simply join the community and you can then post into it - let us know your favourite haunts.

Post as little or as often as you like and if you do give it a go - let me know if you have any suggestions! 

Similiarly - you don't need to put a photo in your profile if you prefer not to.

Note that when you login and click on your HOME link - there's a link on there to our getting started guide which should help you get up and running.


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Ed Daniel
Ed Daniel - - Europe 22 September, 2007, 15:06Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Ahead of blogging it's always best to seek endorsement from senior officers of the business - if you're going to request their permission then it can help to be ready to suggest you will follow a corporate blogging policy.

Examples here.

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